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Flood Middle School Athletics Registration Fall 2018

Registration Deadline 09/07/2018

Welcome to Stratford Middle School Athletics Registration for Fall 2018. We are excited to offer the ease of online registration. Completion and submission of this form must be received before the student-athlete may participate in any school team-organized practice , scrimmage, or regularly scheduled game contest.

FMS Athlete Expectations
As a student-athlete, and family of a student athlete, there are a number of expectations and responsibilities that come along with the privilege of being chosen to represent your school. These responsibilities include:

Practice: All practices are mandatory.  If you cannot attend practice for any reason you must communicate with a coach BEFORE practice.

Games/Meets: All regular season games/meets are mandatory. At games/meets, you are expected to remain with the team before and after your race. If your parent/guardian is picking you up directly from a game/meet, arrangements must be made with a coach the day before the meet. You may not leave a game/meet early without a parent/guardian signing you out. Sports busses are not guaranteed on game/meet days. It is your responsibility to arrange a pickup from FMS at the conclusion of a game/meet.

Pick up: Flood offers after school buses on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. In the event an athlete is not taking the school arranged transportation and/or after a competition when athletes will need their own transportation, families must pick the athlete up no more than 15 minutes from the time the athlete is dismissed. If an athlete is not picked up within 30 minutes from the time they are dismissed, consequences mayinclude and may not be limited to: parent/coach conference, loss of being invited to a practice or competition, suspension/removal from team. 

Communication: It is your responsibility to communicate with your coaches in a timely manner. Having trouble in school? Talk to us. Do you need to miss a practice? Talk to us BEFORE practice. Leaving a game/meet early? Talk to us BEFORE the day of the game/meet. It is also your responsibility to communicate with your families about what is going on with the team. You must let your families know about late/extra practices and the pickup times returning from meets. 

Grades: It is expected that all students keep themselves in good academic standing as stated in the athletics packet.

Student-Athlete Progress Reports: Progress reports must be filled out by all of your teachers and returned to your coaches on the date your coach requests. Failure to turn in your progress report or failure to meet academic and behavioral expectations in class may result in loss of time participating at practice or games/meets.

Conduct: You are expected to follow all school rules and policies throughout the school day. All student-athletes are expected to be to class on time and to conduct themselves properly in the halls. Any athlete who receives a Step 4, office referral, ISS, or detention may lose time participating at practice or meets. A sport specific athlete code of conduct contract may be made by a coach for further specific policies. 

Jerseys: Jerseys must be worn to all meets and paired with black shorts. Undershirts may be white, black, or yellow. It is your responsibility to wash your jersey. Jerseys cannot go in the dryer. Jerseys are the property of Flood Middle School and must be returned clean at the end of the season.

Flood Middle School Athletic Director

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Stratford Middle School Athletics for further information.