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Fall Athletics 2018

Registration Deadline 09/08/2018
Payment Deadline 09/08/2018


• The Athletic Department will be going to a tiered system for athletic fees starting in the fall of 2016. Please check the cost of each sport on the list below. Make checks payable to Town of Belchertown. 

Tiered Fees:

  1. TIER 1- $150
  • Boys + Girls Cross Country
  • Golf
  • Field Hockey
  • Wrestling
  • Cheerleading
  • Boys + Girls Tennis
  • Boys + Girls Track and Field
  1. TIER 2- $200
  • Boys + Girls Soccer
  • Boys + Girls Volleyball
  • Boys + Girls Basketball
  • Boys + Girls Swimming
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Boys + Girls Lacrosse
  1. TIER 3- $250
  • Football
  1. TIER 4- $300
  • Ice Hockey

•Student-athletes must register with the Athletic Department each season via FamilyID.

• Student-athletes must be physically eligible to participate. A current and clear physical examination, conducted BY THE STUDENT-ATHLETE'S PRIMARY HEALTH CARE PROVIDER within the 13 month period prior to the DATE OF PARTICIPATION (new in 2012) must be turned in to Belchertown High School prior to the student-athlete's participation in any sport. The MIAA Medical Questionnaire is available upon request.

• Freshmen, Juniors, and any new student-athletes must take the Impact Baseline Test prior to participation. Please see the BHS Athletic Homepage for more information regarding how/when to take the Impact Baseline Test.

• Student-athletes must be academically eligible (70% average for the previous term with no grades under a 65%).

• Student-athletes must be in school for the entire day in order to participate in athletics that day.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Belchertown High School for further information.