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Fall 2020 Sports Registration

Registration Deadline 08/15/2020

Attention Parents and Student Athletes: 

In addition to registering on this site, student athletes must submit the Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation form (PPE) completed by a licensed physician showing a valid physical. This is the only acceptable form for sports clearance.  

“Valid” is defined as a medical exam that has been conducted within 364 days prior to the official season start date for the sport they wish to participate. (Official season start dates are posted on this site and our website).

The Health History Update Questionnaire (HHQ) form is to be used by students who already have a “Valid” physical exam on file with us that has already been approved by our school physician.

Forms can be uploaded to your registration or you can bring them to the Athletic Office.  


To participate in workouts during the summer recess period, the parent/guardian must complete the COVID-19 related questions and sign off on it. This only needs to be done one time; however, to participate in workouts during the summer recess period, each student will be required to complete a form DAILY BEFORE EVERY WORKOUT and have their temperature taken.  

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Hackensack High School Athletics for further information.