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Fall 2020-21 Coaches Registration ((COACHES ONLY))

Registration Deadline 08/26/2020


Any student trying to register for a sport needs to use the proper registration landing page -- any student registration submitted here will be cancelled.

The Eastern Camden County Regional School District Board of Education believes that the interscholastic athletic program should be as extensive as the facilities, staff and finances can adequately support. The program must be well organized and administered by professionally certified personnel. The program goals and objectives should be consistent with and comparable to those of the school district and the individual school.

Eastern demands a high level of excellence from Athletic coaches. Setting a high standard insures that student Athletes learn, grow, and mature as individuals. Also, it enables Eastern to participate in many events and host multiple highly competitive teams. Our coaches strive to push our student athletes to their highest levels.

Fall 2020-21 Coaching Staff - September 14, 2020 to November 01, 2020
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