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Explore Your Environment (E.Y.E.)

Discover new places and have new experiences while making friends and having fun at Explore Your Environment! This hallmark program, based on bicycling excursions throughout the South End peninsula of New Bedford, runs for 8 week-long sessions during July and August. During each session, youth are led by passionate instructors to local historic and geographic landmarks. Every aspect of EYE is led by youth curiosity and each day holds a new adventure, determined by the passions of our students: 

Notable venues students visit during EYE include:

  • Hazelwood Park - Students play basketball, participate in a "Ninja Challenge", receive tennis instruction, and learn the historic game, “bowling-on-the-green”. 
  • Fort Taber Park - Youth explore historic batteries and monuments, ride the hills and visit the Military History Museum. 
  • East & West Beaches - Kids love to comb the beach for sea glass and play beach volleyball. On warm days, our experienced lifeguards offer direct instruction in swimming and snorkeling. Students also use nets to gather marine creatures for their own in-house saltwater aquarium.
  • Cove & Harbor Walk - These paths atop the hurricane barrier offer the perfect venue for sharpening riding skills while taking in the sights of New Bedford Harbor and nearby towns. 
  • Palmer’s Island - A favorite stop for youth, they can get active climbing around the rocky landscape to visit the lighthouse, watching ships come and go from the harbor, and searching for critters at low tide. 
  • Victory Park Children’s Garden - Youth develop important life skills and a taste for healthy foods, tending our fruit orchard, berry bushes, herb and vegetable gardens. Youth plant, cultivate, and harvest fresh produce for delicious, homemade meals and snacks. 

Week 2- - July 07, 2020 to July 10, 2020
9 am to 12 pm
Week 3- Tying on Success Program- NorthStar Learning Center - July 13, 2020 to July 17, 2020
9 am to 1 pm
Week 4- Girls Exclusive- YWCA - July 20, 2020 to July 24, 2020
9:30 am to 1 pm
Week 5- Community Week - July 27, 2020 to July 31, 2020
9 am to 1 pm
Week 6- Community Week - August 03, 2020 to August 07, 2020
9 am to 1 pm
Week 7- Community Week - August 10, 2020 to August 14, 2020
9 am to 1 pm
Week 8- Our Sisters School - August 17, 2020 to August 21, 2020
9 am to 1 pm
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