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Enrollment Forms 2020-21 | Set 2

Forms must be submitted online by August 15, 2020 and must be on file at school before your child can attend. (Additional forms will be sent to families bringing medication to school. These forms require information from your child’s healthcare practitioner, as well as their signature. Be sure to allow enough time to get these completed.)

Some of these forms are for our own use, and some are required by law. We’ve streamlined where we can, though you may find some repetition between them. It is critical that you fill them all out with care. 

The Massachusetts Developmental History and Background (Parts A, B and C) is required only when your child enrolls for the first time. All other forms are required of every returning child, even if information has not changed.

This form set includes:

  • Massachusetts Developmental History (Parts A, B and C): Required only when you enroll your child for the first time.
  • Enrollment Form
  • Contact Information
  • Massachusetts First Aid and Emergency Medical Care Consent Form
  • Massachusetts Medical and Immunization Record (please attach electronic copy; must be completed by healthcare practitioner.)
  • Massachusetts Medication Consent (To be emailed to families bringing bringing medication, must be completed by parent/guardian and healthcare practitioner.)
  • Massachusetts Transportation Plan and Authorization
  • Authorized Release
  • Excursion Permission
Enrollment Forms Set 2 - July 01, 2020 to June 30, 2021
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