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El Diamante 2019-2020 High School Athletics Registration

Registration Deadline 11/02/2019

El Diamante High School and Visalia Unified School DIstrict believes that an athletic program provides opportunity for students to acquire tools for lifelong personal growth and fulfillment of potential. These tools include self-discipline, ability to work as part of a team, perseverance, desire to play fair, and grace in winning and losing. Furthermore, lifelong participation in physical activity is valuable for physical and mental health and fitness. 

In order to provide the greatest benefit to participants, El Diamante High School will provide adult role models who exemplify the kind of behavior and leadership to be developed form the program. The school and district also commits to provide , within the limits of the available resources, the broadest range of recreational and competitive programs for all who wish to participate. 

While we take great pride in winning, we do not condone "winning at all costs" and discourage and and all pressures, which leas to poor sportsmanship and neglect good physical and mental health. At all times, the athletic program will be conducted in  a way that is complimentary and supportive of the educational program at El Damante High School and Visalia Unified School District. 

Residential Eligibility:

A student has residential eligibility upon initial enrollment in:
1. The ninth grade of any CIF high school or;
2. Tenth grade of any CIF high school from ninth grade of a junior high school or;
3. Any CIF school as a member of an approved foreign exchange program as outlined in By-law 212.
Note: Any student "recruited" or "encouraged to attend" a school by anyone connected directly or indirectly with that school will lose athletic eligibility at that school. In addition, the school may be sanctioned by CIF.

Age Limitations:

No student, whose nineteenth birthday is attained prior to June 15, shall participate or practice on any team. A student whose 19th birthday is on June 14, or before is ineligible.

Scholastic Eligibility:
A student is scholastically eligible if:
1. The student is currently enrolled in at least 20 semester units of work.
2. The student passed at least 20 semester units of work at the completion of the previous regular grading period.
3. The student is maintaining minimum progress toward meeting the high school graduation requirements as prescribed by the governing board.
4. The student has maintained during the previous grading period a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average or a 4.0 scale, in all enrolled courses.
5. All incoming ninth grade students are eligible for participation through the first grading period.
Those students who were ineligible (or on probation) with grades in the eighth grade will enter the ninth grade on probationary status. This includes all students who were required to attend 8th grade summer school as a condition of promotion.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact El Diamante High School for further information.