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Delran High School Athletics Spring 2020

Registration Deadline 02/15/2020

Online Registration
This is the online registration form for Delran High School Spring Athletics. Every student wishing to participate in interscholastic activities at Delran High School must complete and submit this online registration form and any associated paperwork/documents to the proper DHS personnel no sooner than January 4, and no later than February 15. 

  • During the school year completed documents are to be turned in to the Attendance Secretary or the Director of Athletics.
  • Review all documents to make sure that they are fill out completely by parents/guardians, students and the licensed physician.
  • No one else is authorized to accept these forms.

Requirements for Participation in High School Athletics
The documents that must be completed and on file at the school have been established by the State of New Jersey in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of your child. A receipt will be given documenting the forms and date received. Forms are reviewed by Mr. Caplin, ATC and must be approved by the School Physician. Once paperwork is reviewed an email will be sent stating your level of clearance. The review process can take up to five (5) days. You must check your email to see when this authorization has been given. Participation is only permitted after this authorization is granted. The following is an explanation of the forms to be completed.

Physical Exam Form
The physical exam form can be found here and in the LINKS section on this form. Review it and the instructions carefully. 

  • The first page is to be completed by the parent/guardian and signed by the student-athlete and parent/guardian. 
  • The second page is only to be completed for the student-athlete with special needs. 
  • These pages must be completed prior to the doctor's physical examination so he/she can review them. 

The physical is valid for 365 days from the date of the examination. According to NJA.C. 6A:16-2.2(h) lii (4), an incomplete form will be returned to the student's medical provider for completion. If the physical expires after the deadline (see below) for completing documents/paperwork but before the start of the season you must login to FamilyID and review/complete sections as listed above.  The physical exam is exempt from the late penalty in this circumstance only. 

School District Concussion Education Policy
Please review the Delran School Disctrict Concussion Education Policy and Regulation in the POLICIES/AGREEMENTS sections of this form. These are in accordance with NJ State law and NJSIAA policy. YOU MUST TAKE THE ImPACT TEST PRIOR TO PARTICIPATION. ImPACT is administered to 8th and 10th graders in June each year.  If you are a new student to Delran High School, you must contact the Athletic Trainer to schedule an opportunity to take the ImPACT test in order to participate.

Deadlines for Registration and Completion of Documents
Student-athletes completing any information late may be ineligible to participate when the season begins.

  • Fall Sports – No sooner than June 15, no later than July 21
  • Winter Sports – No sooner than September 21, no later than October 31
  • Spring Sports – No sooner than January 4, no later than February 15

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Delran High School Athletics for further information.