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Dell Chromebook 11 Purchase for Personal Use/Lost Device

Registration Deadline 12/31/2020
Payment Deadline 06/30/2021

Dear Parent/Guardian:

We are collecting all Dell Chromebooks from students in Grades 8-12 since we are replacing these devices with new Lenovo Chromebooks.  Since these devices are four or five years old, they hold a $30 replacement value.  If your child has lost this Dell Chromebook or its charger, you can use this Family ID Form to remit payment. 

If you purchase it from the District, we will remove the device from our inventory, deprovision it from our Google Console, and you will be able to use the device similar to a personal device.  Once the Chromebook is purchased, we do not guarantee any functionality nor will it be able to serviced and supported by the East Williston School District.

In order to pay for the Dell Chromebook, you will be prompted to pay for the device using your My School Bucks account at the end of this Form. If you wish to pay by check, please contact Ed Kemnitzer at

Thank you,

Ed Kemnitzer

Director of Technology, Innovation, and Information Services

Dell Chromebook 11 Purchase/Lost Replacement Fee - September 05, 2019 to June 24, 2020
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