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Grant Youth Sports Registration Spring 2019

Registration Deadline 03/22/2019
Payment Deadline 03/22/2019

The PPS middle grades (6th - 8th) youth sports program will be directed by the Portland Interscholastic League (PIL).  The student/athletes will represent their neighborhood high school cluster. The cluster each athlete participates in is determined by address. 
For information about this policy and to access the interactive map please go to Boundary Map.

In order to tryout for a PIL Youth Sport, you must provide the following information on the first day of tryouts:

1. Proof of Enrollment w/ Home Address (Transcript OR Report Card)

All students must participate in the High School Cluster where they reside. If you are a Dual Boundary student (Grant/Jefferson, Madison/Jefferson, or Roosevelt/Jefferson) you must participate within the Jefferson Cluster. If you are unsure of which Cluster you reside in, please click here and type in your address. You may request proof of enrollment through the main office at your school, or you may bring a copy of your students 2018-2019 1st Quarter grades

2. Sports Physical - Completed by a Doctor (FORM

You may upload your physical to store the document, but a hard copy must be presented to the cluster coordinator on the official first day of practice or try-outs.

3. Participation Form - Complete online registration

4. Participation Fee - $150/$60 (Free/Reduced Lunch)

Due on or before 1st official day of official practice. Payment may be submitted online through School Pay.

*For cut sports, please do not submit payment until you receive confirmation that you have made the team. Cut sports are Volleyball, Boys & Girls Basketball and Baseball.

  • Additional Donation to Need Based Scholarship Fund/ Donacion Adicional:Fondo de Becas Por Necesidad
Participant Information

Please complete your child's information below.

Por favor complete la información de su hijo abajo.


For each of the agreements below, please read the terms, check the box to mark your acknowledgement, and type your name to confirm.

Uniform Agreement

As part of the PILYSP Participation Fee, you will be issued a jersey and shorts that must be returned three (3) days after the last game. There will be a fee of $50.00 applied if you fail to return these items. There may be a fee applied if these items are returned in less than fair condition.

For practices, you should not wear the PILYSP issued jersey. A practice jersey will be provided if needed. Please contact your coach if this is necessary.

Proper athletic shoes shall be worn during all practices and games. Please contact your coach if this is a problem.

By signing below, I understand the above PILYSP uniform agreement and will adhere to these rules. Should I fail to return the issued jersey/shorts, I agree to pay the $50.00 fee to the District Athletic Office.

Athlete Code of Conduct Agreement
  •  I promise to represent my cluster, school, team, and family in a positive nature, bringing both class and integrity to my teammates and coaches, as well as myself.
  •  I promise to reflect good sportsmanship at all times. This includes time traveling on the bus/van and time spent on another school’s property.
  •  I understand that academics come first and I will maintain a passing grade in all of my classes. Failure to do so may jeopardize my opportunity to participate.
  •  I understand that my behavior in school, at competitions, and in my community is highly scrutinized and if it is not deemed appropriate, it can result in loss of participation from the team.
  •  I realize that any comments or actions that are detrimental or divisive to the team (i.e “trash talking”, unsportsmanlike conduct, or negative talk about coaches or teammates) will result in a meet suspension for the first offense and possible dismissal from the team for the second offense.
  • I understand that the registration fee does not pay for any equipment/gear I receive (i.e: shoes, sweats, team shirts, uniforms.) Failure to complete the season for any of the following reasons: athlete voluntarily quitting, expulsion from school, PIL Office discipline decision, or not participating in competitions will mean that there will be no refund of participation fees and all issued gear will be returned.
  • I promise to be prompt to all practices, study halls, bus pickups, competitions, etc. I will come reflecting a positive attitude, good work ethic and respect for my teammates and coaches
  •  I understand that any use of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or illegal substance will result in my automatic dismissal from the team.

I, being the parent/guardian of the above-named child, agree to the above rules and regulations and understand that I have no authority to make decisions for the team. I further understand that this is an extracurricular program and will do my best to support, and assist my child in following the guidelines and expectations.

I, the student-athlete listed above, agree to follow all the above rules, as well as any additional rules and regulations, implemented by the Portland Interscholastic League, or my coaches. I understand that failure to do so may result in my dismissal from the program.

Acknowledgement of Warning by Student/Alumno-Constancia de Recibo de las Advertencias

I, the student-athlete listed above,  hereby acknowledge that I understand the above “STATEMENT OF RISKS”. If I want more information, I will personally contact the coach. I realize that by participating in the sport(s) during the current school year, I am exposing myself to the risk of serious injury, including but not limited to, the risk of sprains, fractures and ligament and/or cartilage damage which could result in temporary or permanent, partial, or complete impairment in the use of my limbs, brain damage, paralysis or even death. Having been so cautioned and warned, it is still my desire to participate in the listed sport(s) and should I choose to participate in the listed sport(s), I hereby further acknowledge that I do so with full knowledge and understanding of the risk of serious injury to which I am exposing myself by participating in the listed sport(s).

Por medio de la presente, yo,estudiante atleta listado arriba, admito entender la “DECLARACION DE RIESGOS” arriba expuesta. De querer yo más información, me contactaré personalmente con el entrenador. Soy consciente que por mi participación en deporte durante el presente año escolar, me expongo al riesgo de lesiones serias incluyendo pero no limitando, al riesgo de daño cerebral, parálisis o inclusive la muerte, al riesgo de esguinces, fracturas y daño a ligamentos y/o cartílagos, que podrían resultar en limitación temporal o permanente, parcial o completa, de mis extremidades. Habiendo yo sidoalertado y advertido de ésto, deseo aun participar en el/los deporte/s listado/s, I por medio de la presente admito que lo haré en completo conocimiento y entendimiento de las serias lesiones a las cuales me estoy exponiendo por participar en dicho/s deporte/s.

Acknowledgement of Warning by Parents/ Padres - Constancia de Recibo de las Advertencias

We/I the parent(s) of the student athlete listed above, do hereby acknowledge that we/I understand the above “STATEMENT OF RISKS”. ”. If we/I want more information, we/I will personally contact the coach. We/I realize that our/my child named above may suffer serious injury, including but not limited to, sprains, fractures, brain damage, paralysis or even death by participating in the listed sport(s) and should we/I choose to allow our/my child to participate in the sport(s) during the current school year. Notwithstanding such warnings and with full knowledge and understanding of the risk of serious injury which may result to our/my child, named above, we/I give our/my consent to his/her participating in the below sport(s).

I acknowledge that my student athlete might be transported by a representative of the District in his/her own personal vehicle. I am aware that Portland Public Schools is not responsible for: 1) The District representative’s insurance; 2) Injuries or property damage that may occur while my student is transported in a District representative’s personal vehicle.

In other circumstances, a parent/guardian or fellow student mighttransport another student-athlete. In these situations, the District is not responsible for organizing or approving these transportation plans.

Por medio de la presente, yo/nosotros, padre/s deestudiante atleta listado arriba admito/timos entender la “DECLARACION DE RIESGOS” arriba expuesta. De querer yo/nosotros más información, me/nos contactaré/remos personalmente con el entrenador. Soy/somos consciente/s que de elegir yo/nosotros autorizar a mi/nuestro hijo/a arriba nombrado a participar en deporte durante el presente año escolar, él/ella podría/n sufrir lesiones serias incluyendo pero no limitando, al riesgo esguinces, fracturas, daño cerebral, parálisis o inclusive la muerte. No obstante estas advertencias y con entero conocimiento y entendimiento del riesgo de la/s lesión/es serias de la/s que puede ser sujeto mi/nuestro hijo/a, doy/damos mi/nuestro consentimiento a que él/ella participe en el/los deporte/s listado/s abajo.

Acepto/amos que mi hijo/a sea transportado por un representante del Distrito en su vehículo propio. Soy consciente de que Portland Public Schools no es responsable de: 1) el seguro del vehículo perteneciente al representante del Distrito, 2) lesiones o daños a la propiedad que ocurran mientras el alumno es transportado en el vehículo personal del representante del Distrito.

En otras circunstancias, un padre de familia, tutor o condiscípulo podría llegar a transportar a otro atleta estudiante. En dichas situaciones, el Distrito no se responsabiliza en organizar o aprobar aquellos planes de transporte.

Approval Agreement/ Aprobacion

I understand that the Board of Education carries no athletic insurance and does not assume responsibility for injuries sustained in practice or games. If insurance coverage for injuries is desired, I recognize that such coverage is the responsibility of the parent. NOTE: Insurance protection is obtainable from private insurance companies or Healthy Kids of Oregon depending on income levels. Rates and injury information may be obtained free from your preferred medical provider.

If your child/children do not have health coverage, check the box to be contacted by Healthy Kids of Oregon for NO to LOW cost health insurance for children 0 to 19 years old.

I approve the participation of my child in the PPS middle school sports program and authorize the school representative to administer essential first aid where necessary.

Yo sé que el Consejo Estudiantil no tiene seguro médico Atlético y que no asume la responsabilidad por las lesiones ocasionadas en las prácticas o juegos. Si se desea cobertura de seguro para accidentes, yo reconozco que dicha cobertura es la responsabilidad de los padres. NOTA: se puede obtener protección de un Seguro a través de compañías de seguro privadas o por Healthy Kids of Oregon, dependiendo los niveles de ingreso económico. Las tarifas e información sobre accidentes puede ser obtenida de manera gratuita a través de su proveedor medico elegido.

Si su/s hijo/s no tienen cobertura de seguro médico, marque el recuadro para que Healthy Kids of Oregon lo contacte en cuanto a un seguro GRATUITO o de BAJO costo para niños y jóvenes de entre 0 a 19 años.

Yo apruebo la participación de mi hijo/a en el programa de deportes de Middle School (grados 6to a 8vo) de PPS y autorizo a que un representante de la escuela administre primeros auxilio esenciales, de ser necesario.

Emergency Medical Information Agreement/ Informacion Medica de Emergencia

In case of illness, accident or other emergency involving this student, the Cluster Coordinator, athletic trainer or coach is authorized to act on my behalf if I cannot be contacted. The school district is not responsible for any related ambulance or health care costs that might be associated with an emergency response for an athlete’s injury.

En caso de enfermedad, accidente u otra emergencia concerniente a este alumno, Coordinador de Cluster, entrenador de atletismo or el entrenador está autorizado a actuar en mi lugar de no poder yo ser contactado. El distrito escolar no se responsabiliza de ningún costo relacionado con ambulancia o cuidados médicos asociados con la respuesta de emergencia por una lesión del alumno.

Other registration information
Don't forget to bring copy of your physical, proof of enrollment and proof of payment to the first day of your try-out or practice.

No olvide traer copia de su prueba física, comprobante de inscripción y comprobante de pago al primer día de prueba o práctica.
Payment Method
Online Payment/ Pago en línea​

If you select Online Payment, you will submit your registration and Family ID will provide the option to redirect you to PIL Youth Sports online payment option. FamilyID is not receiving your payment.

Online Payment - Free or Reduced Lunch Discount/Descuento por Almuerzo Gratis o Precio Reducido​

​If you select Online Payment, you will submit your registration and Family ID will provide the option to redirect you to PIL Youth Sports online payment option. FamilyID is not receiving your payment.​

Cash or Check/ Efectivo o cheque

Go to the Cluster Coordinator to make your payment.