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Chromebook Agreement During School Closure

You must complete this Chromebook Agreement before receiving your device.

What families are eligible to take home a device?

Families without a device at home with students in our elementary schools in grades K-5.  If a student in the home already has a device provided by the school (grades 6-12) we ask that you share that one between all students in the home as we have a very limited number of Chromebooks available.  

What are Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are a type of laptop that use the Chrome Operating System (rather than a Windows or the Apple operating system). They are built to boot (start up) quickly and have a long battery life. They store all resources and files on the web (cloud based) and integrate with G Suite (Google) Apps.

Why are we giving Chromebooks to students?

Chromebooks can help make education more student-centered by putting the resources of the Web in the hands of our students and allowing access to files anywhere, any time. They extend learning beyond the classroom walls; foster collaboration, creativity, and innovation; embrace the uniqueness of each individual by allowing varied approaches to demonstrate learning; and motivate students to become active learners.

What are the student expectations?

Students are expected to treat the Chromebook with respect, keep it in good working condition, use it for school related learning activities, and return it to the district when we return back to school.

Is the Chromebook internet access filtered?

All websites accessed on the Chromebook pass through the district filters. A record of all internet activity is available to the district.

What happens if the Chromebook breaks or is stolen?

A student should report all problems/issues to the Office of Technology during the period of time when schools are not open by emailing

Grades K-5 - March 17, 2020 to April 01, 2020
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