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Central Catholic High School Fall 2020 Athletic Registration

Registration Deadline 08/10/2020

Welcome to the Central Catholic High School  Online Athletic Registration!

 Dear Parents/Guardians: 

Welcome to the FALL 2020 Sports Registration. Although we have not received information from the Commonwealth or the MIAA regarding the status of the fall season, we are preparing for a normal start to the season. Any updates regarding the fall season will be posted on our website, social media and sent to all members of the CCHS community. 

Please complete and submit all necessary information if your son or daughter is intending on participating in fall sports. Please read all of the instructions carefully and thoroughly. Please note that this is for FALL SPORTS only! There is a separate registration for Winter and Spring sports .

  • You must have current and valid physical on file with the school. All physicals are valid for 13 months. If your physical expires during the season, the student will be ineligible until a new physical is on file. You do not need a new physical on file by Aug. 10 (the registration deadline). The current physical must be on file BEFORE the first day of participation. 
  • You must still take the free, online concussion education course on There is a required signature on the registration form confirming that both the student and parent/guardian have completed the course. This video/education course must be completed ONCE per school year. 
  • You must fill out the CCHS registration form on  The completed and SUBMITTED form is required prior to any participation in FALL sports. BOTH THE STUDENT AND PARENT/GUARDIAN MUST SIGN THIS FORM WHERE REQUIRED AND COMPLETE THE ENTIRE FORM. When the form is completed, the Athletic Office or school nurse will confirm that all information is completed and that a valid physical is on file with the school. This form must be completed prior to receiving confirmation for the valid physical. 
  • For those students that are registering for Cheerleading, Field Hockey, Football, Boys and Girls Soccer, Girls Diving and Girls Volleyball, a current baseline ImPACT concussion test must be on file. This test is different than the concussion education course through NFHS Learn. This test and the ImPACT concussion management program is a tool that is used in the event that the athlete sustains a possible concussion. Further information regarding ImPACT testing will be distributed to all STUDENTS via their email addresses. 

Questions? :

For questions regarding FamilyID or for technical support, please contact FamilyID directly at

For questions regarding the CCHS athletic program or registration requirements, please contact Mr. Zach Blaszak in the Athletic Office at



Mr. Zach Blaszak, Assistant Athletic Director/Athletic Trainer

Cheerleading - August 24, 2020 to November 26, 2020
Boys Cross Country - August 24, 2020 to November 26, 2020
Girls Cross Country - August 24, 2020 to November 26, 2020
Field Hockey - August 24, 2020 to November 26, 2020
Football - August 21, 2020 to November 26, 2020
Golf - August 24, 2020 to November 26, 2020
Boys Soccer - August 24, 2020 to November 26, 2020
Girls Soccer - August 24, 2020 to November 26, 2020
Girls Swimming and Diving - August 24, 2020 to November 26, 2020
Girls Volleyball - August 24, 2020 to November 26, 2020
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