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CCLCS 2017/2018 Winter Sports

Registration Deadline 12/05/2017
Payment Deadline 12/05/2017
Dear Student and Parent/Guardian:

Welcome to an exciting winter season of CCLCS Athletics. Please take a moment to read the rules and conditions below. Following these rules will ensure our student-athletes a safe and rewarding season. A new law was passed recently that requires all student athletes, their parents and coaches to learn about the consequences of head injuries and concussions through training programs and written materials. It also requires athletes and their parents to inform their coaches about prior head injuries at the beginning of the season. This training will be required of everyone regardless of when you did it last year. If you participated in fall sports, you are cleared already. It will be completed at home and you will need to submit proof of the training before participating in sports this season. Please refer to the attached sheet for information on the training.

Players are expected to be on time and properly attired for their assigned games and practices. Failure to do so may result in a suspension or expulsion from the team (doctor visits, family issues and religious obligations are exceptions). All school-related issues must be resolved before leaving school for a practice/game. Students are encouraged to get extra help when it is needed. Academic evaluations will be conducted throughout the season as outlined in the CCLCS Handbook. Players must abide by the rules of the CCLCS Handbook. Players must exhibit proper attitude and conduct in the classroom and on the court. Violation of this rule may result in a suspension or expulsion from the team.
****PRIOR TO COMPLETING THIS REGISTRATION: Please click the HEADS UP to Youth Sports link and complete the online training. You will receive a certificate of completion. Please attach that certificate to this registration where indicated.


BASKETBALL: This is open to all grades and there will be both a girls and boys team. Practice and / or games will be generally Monday – Thursday from 12/12 to Winter Break in February. We will also may participate in the Billingsgate Tournament in Mid-March. Parents are expected to help transport students to and from practice. All games are off campus, and parents will be required to help transport the team to their games. Practices will be at The Church of the Nazarene in Dennis. We will be limiting each team to 22 players.  We may open additional slots if enough parents volunteer to help. A full schedule will be available soon. A $30 sports fee is required of each student

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School for further information.