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CATA High School Parking Permit Application 2020-2021

CATA Student Parking – Rules & Regulations

Parking on the Central Academy of Technology & Arts Campus is considered a privilege for students. Each student who drives must buy his/her own parking permit and be responsible for parking in the assigned, numbered space. Students may NOT share a permit hang tag. Neither CATA nor UCPS assumes any responsibility for damage to private vehicles brought onto campus. All student drivers must be licensed and have appropriate auto insurance. The administration reserves the right to terminate parking privileges and/or tow any vehicle for cause.

Section I: Parking Rules

1. Parking permits are on sale on a first come, first served basis online beginning with Seniors on August 10th, August 11th for Juniors and on August 12th for Sophomores. After August 13th, sales will continue online on a first come first served basis until sold out. When passes are sold out, students will be placed on a waitlist. You will receive an email from CATA when your application has been approved and provided a link to pay for the pass online. Please remember, you will not be allowed to purchase a parking pass if you owe fees to the school.  Any student who does not follow the guidelines above will have their parking pass application placed at the bottom of the list.

2. Students may purchase a parking permit for $45. Parking permit fee of $45 is non-refundable. If a student drives more than one vehicle, all vehicles must be registered with the school. There will be a $5 charge for replacement tags.

3. Students will park ONLY in the numbered space that corresponds with their parking permit number. Failure to park in the designated space will result in a $10 fine.

4. All vehicles parked in the student lot on school grounds must be registered with the school and must display the current numbered tag by hanging it on the rearview mirror. Improper display of the tag will result in a $5 fine.

5. There is to be no loitering in the student parking lot or visitation of the same without permission. Once a student comes on campus, he/she must lock their vehicle and enter the building. No students are allowed in the parking lot during the school day without permission from the administration.

Students must exit their cars immediately, stay socially distanced from other drivers and prepare to stand on the marked spots for health questions and temperature checks prior to entering building. Students must not congregate in the parking lot.

6. Once students drive on school grounds, you are considered at school. The only way you may leave is to check out at the office.

7. Student vehicles are subject to search if there are reasonable grounds to believe that drugs, alcohol, stolen property or other contraband might be present in a vehicle.

8. Students must follow the 10 mph speed limit while entering, parking and exiting the student parking lot. Failure to adhere will result in the suspension of parking privileges.

9. Students may NOT park in the staff parking lot, bus parking lot, gymnasium/PDC side areas, or on any greenway or sidewalk. Failure to adhere will result in suspension of driving privileges and possible towing of vehicle.

Section II: Parking Citations and Suspension

1. Students who drive to school and are persistently late (4 tardies during 1st period) to school will have their parking privileges suspended for the remainder of the semester.

2. If your vehicle is used to skip school or help others violate school rules, all students involved will have their parking privileges suspended as determined by administration and subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, out-of-school suspension.

3. First offense for reckless driving behavior including: speeding, spinning tires, “off-road” parking or driving will result in a $25 fine, suspension of parking privileges for sixty (60) days, and parental notification. Second offense will result in a $25 fine, suspension of parking privileges for the remainder of the school year, and parental and legal authority’s notification.

4. Revving of engines is prohibited and student may receive disciplinary consequences.

5. Failure to display a parking permit tag properly will result in a $5 fine.

6. Sharing a parking permit tag will result in possible suspension of parking privileges.

7. Parking out of parking space, taking up two spaces, or blocking other cars will result in a $25 fine and may result in possible suspension of parking privileges.

8. More than three (3) parking violations will result in the suspension of parking privileges for one school year.

9. Vehicles NOT registered with the school are considered unauthorized and trespassing, which may result in possible towing of vehicle.

10. All fines must be paid in full by the tenth day after receiving the parking citation. Failure to pay the fines within 10 days will result in suspension of parking privileges for the remainder of the school year.

Section III: Additional Parking Notes

1. When you drive an unregistered vehicle, forget your parking permit or drive for the first time to purchase a permit, you must report to the front office upon arrival. Inform the front office of your situation to possibly avoid a parking citation.

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Waiting List - August 10, 2020 to June 02, 2021
Main Parking Lot - August 10, 2020 to June 02, 2021
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