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Bus Transportation Form

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Bus Permission Form for Kindergarten and First Grade Students

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The Port Jervis City School District Policy mandates that kindergarten and 1 st grade students be put on and taken off of the bus by a parent, guardian, or responsible individual authorized by the parent in writing.

Attached please find a “Bus Permission Form”. If you are unable to meet your child at the bus stop, it is critical we know to whom we are permitted to release your child. Please complete this form and return it to your child’s school or Quality Bus Service as soon as possible. This form must be received and processed before permission for anyone to take your child off of the bus is granted.

Please remember that we have the safety of each child in mind and we will not release your child to anyone who is not on the bus permission list. In the event that an unauthorized person is at the bus stop to receive your child, we will keep them on the bus and return them to their school. It would also be helpful if you would provide us with your most up-to-date telephone numbers (home phone, cell phone, relative, neighbor, etc.).

Thanking you in advance for your help, to keep your children safe.


Quality Bus Service, LLC.

Babysitter Form Please Note:

This form authorizes parental permission for a student to be transported from and to an alternate location, other than their home address.  This form must be completed, submitted to your child’s school office or Quality Bus Service and processed, prior to a bus schedule change being made. 

Port Jervis School District allows an alternate transportation address on a FIVE DAY PER WEEK BASIS ONLY. A babysitter’s location must be within the parent’s residence/attendance zone. NOTE: NO MORE THAN THREE CHANGES PER YEAR WILL BE PROCESSED. 

Bus - August 01, 2020 to June 08, 2021
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