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Brevard High School Athletic Registration 2020-21

Welcome, THIS REGISTRATION IS FOR ALL 2020-21 SPORTS. Please read the important message below from the Brevard High School Athletic Department before beginning! 

  • Important Note: This registration is to be completed by the student-athlete and a parent. Please ensure the correct person is signing each field, and all information is reviewed together. 
  • Please note that you can register for all sports that you plan to participate in for the 2020-21 school year when you initially register.
  • Completion of this form, as well as a signed and completed eligibility packet, will gain athletic clearance.
  • Physicals must be completed by a medical professional and are valid for 395 days and submitted to the front office.
  • Copies of the physical form in both English and Spanish can be found using the links section on this page.
  • A hard copy of the physical must be brought in to the Athletic Director or Athletic Trainer before participation.
  • Scanned or faxed copies will not be accepted.
  • If valid, Physicals are kept on file and do not need to be re-submitted when completing a new registration.
  • DO NOT create a new FamilyID login if you are a returning athlete! Please contact the FamilyID at (781) 205-2800 ext1 or email if you do not remember your login information.
  • DO NOT submit a copy of your vaccination record, FamilyID registration, or insurance card.
  • If you have any questions regarding eligibility concerns or the registration process, please reach out to the Athletic Director,  David Galloway (BHS).

Important Information Concerning Physicals for the 2020-21 Sports Season.

Date of Current Physical
Requirement for 2020-2021
Prior to 03/01/19
Need valid, up-to-date physical prior to participating.
6th Grader
Need valid, up-to-date physical prior to participating. 
On or after 03/01/19 through 05/01/20
Granted a temporary extension to participate through the end of the 2020-2021 academic year. Athletes that participated in sports for TCS last year should have a copy of their PHYSICAL on file with the trainer. They can also view a copy when they log into their Familyid account.
*The student-athlete/family medical history portion of the PPE form is required annually and must be completed and signed by the parent or legal guardian prior to participation. There is no waiver or extension applied to this requirement. See North Carolina High School Athletic Association Sport Pre Participation Examination Form Approved for 2020-2021 School Year.*
On or after 05/02/20
Will participate based on the current policy of being “valid for 395 days”.

Extracurricular Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in opportunities available at the school, including interscholastic athletics and student organizations. All activities are open to all students attending that school unless a restriction is justified and has been approved by the principal. Participation in extracurricular activities, including student organizations and interscholastic athletics, is a privilege, not a right, and maybe reserved for students in good academic standing who meet behavior standards established by the board and the school. Participation in extracurricular activities may be restricted if a student (1) is not performing at grade level as provided in policy 3400, Evaluation of Student Progress; (2) has exceeded the number of absences allowed by attendance policies; (3) has violated the student conduct standards found in policy; or (4) has violated school rules for conduct. In addition, in order to be eligible for interscholastic athletics participation, students must have been in daily attendance eighty-five percent (85%) of the previous semester and must meet all applicable eligibility standards of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, and any locally established requirements for interscholastic athletics participation. Students in the sixth grade are eligible to participate in all interscholastic athletics except football. 

Football - August 01, 2020 to November 01, 2020
Soccer - Boys - August 01, 2020 to November 01, 2020
Golf-Girls - August 01, 2020 to November 01, 2020
Cross Country - August 01, 2020 to November 01, 2020
Tennis-Girls - August 01, 2020 to November 01, 2020
Cheerleader-Football - August 01, 2020 to November 01, 2020
Volleyball - August 01, 2020 to November 01, 2020
Basketball-Boys - November 01, 2020 to March 01, 2021
Cheerleader-Basketball - November 01, 2020 to March 01, 2021
Basketball-Girls - November 01, 2020 to March 01, 2021
Indoor Track (Winter) - November 01, 2020 to March 01, 2021
Wrestling - November 01, 2020 to March 01, 2021
Swimming - November 01, 2020 to March 01, 2021
Baseball - February 01, 2021 to May 01, 2021
Softball - February 01, 2021 to May 01, 2021
Golf-Boys - February 01, 2021 to May 01, 2021
Soccer-Girls - February 01, 2021 to May 01, 2021
Tennis-Boys - February 01, 2021 to May 01, 2021
Track & Field-Boys (Spring) - February 01, 2021 to April 01, 2021
Track & Field-Girls (Spring) - February 01, 2021 to May 01, 2021
Undecided-Not currently on any team - August 01, 2020 to May 01, 2021
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