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Breakfast and Lunch: Week of March 2

Registration Deadline 02/24/2020
Payment Deadline 02/24/2020

BFCCPS is pleased to offer Breakfast and Lunch ordering for the 2019-2020 school year.  Orders will close sharply at 5pm the Monday for the following week.  Orders for the week of March 2nd will close firmly at 5pm on Monday, February 24th.

Two breakfast and two lunch choices will be offered daily.  Breakfast and lunch orders each come with a choice of 0% or 1% milk. Students who bring lunch from home may purchase milk a la carte.

We will receive nightly deliveries the night before by Revolution Foods and will be served the next day. Please note that BFCCPS can not issue credit for lunches missed for student absence or dismissal. 

Revolution Foods labeling is compliant for Top 8 Allergens (dairy, soy, peanut, tree-nut, fish, shellfish, egg, and wheat) A monthly Meal Allergen Report is available. Please contact Ms. Jarvis at for information.   

Monday - March 02, 2020 to March 02, 2020
Tuesday - March 03, 2020 to March 03, 2020
Wednesday - March 04, 2020 to March 04, 2020
Thursday - March 05, 2020 to March 05, 2020
Friday - March 06, 2020 to March 06, 2020
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