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Bayard High School Athletics Registration 2019-2020

It is the goal of the Bayard Athletic Program to offer the opportunity of participation to every student who has the ability and desire to do so. Interscholastic athletics fosters competition and cooperation. It also represents an area of great potential for teaching dedication, perseverance, courage, poise and for the pursuit of excellence, all traits that are essential ingredients in achieving a happy, successful life. 

However, no student is obligated to take part in athletics nor is participation in athletics required for graduation. It is to be stressed that participation in the athletic program is a
The Bayard Athletic Program is comprised of three seasons, fall, winter, and spring. Fall sports include Girls Golf, Girls Cross Country, Girls Volleyball, Boys Cross Country, and Boys Football. Winter sports include Girls Basketball, Wrestling, and Boys Basketball. Spring sports include Girls Track & Field, Boys Golf, and Boys Track & Field.
A student-athlete may not drop from a team after the first regular season contest and participate in another sport during the same season. No student will be allowed to join an athletic team after the first regular season contest, unless they are a student who has moved into the Bayard School District from another district and meets all of the eligibility requirements.

I. Any student 7 - 12 who is on the failing list in 2 (two) or more subjects will be declared ineligible to participate in any extra-curricular activity in which he or she is involved. The ineligibility list will be distributed to staff and sponsors on Monday of each week. It is the responsibility of the staff and sponsors to notify students of their ineligible status. The student can remove himself/herself from the ineligibility list when work is completed and an Ineligibility list Removal Form is handed into the
Activities Director’s Office.
A. Bayard Junior/Senior High School has incorporated that all assignments and homework are due on assigned dates unless illness, school sponsored activity or prearranged changes have been reached between the student and instructor. Missing assignments will result in the student remaining after school (see F.).
B. Procedure for being removed from the ineligibility list: To be removed from the ineligibility list, the student must go to their instructors and have the instructor indicate their current grade, and sign the ineligibility list removal form. Students can remove themselves from the ineligibility list when they have fewer than two failing classes and have a signed ineligibility list form submitted. To be removed from the ineligibility list for the remainder of the week the student must have the
form signed and submitted to the activities director or designee prior to the start of practice on Wednesday, or prior to participation in events scheduled for Tuesday. The student is responsible for setting up the times to meet with his/her instructors and for following through on the appointments that are made.
C. The eligibility list will not be used as a disciplinary tool.
D. Students having an unverified absence or unverified absences will not be allowed the two (2) day time period to make up work.
E. Students attending school sponsored activities or excused absences will have the two (2) day time period to make up work.
F. Staying After School:
1. Students with uncompleted assignments will stay after school until the assignments are completed.
2. Students will be informed by their instructor by the end of the period whether or not they must stay after school. Assignments due will be accepted by all instructors until 3:33 p.m. on the assignment due date.
3. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with their parent or guardian to stay after school.
4. Students who fail to meet the requirements of a particular class are subject to out-of-school suspension, receiving a failing grade for the uncompleted assignment(s) or further disciplinary action as deemed necessary by the administration of Bayard Junior/Senior High School.
5. All after school sessions will begin at 3:33 p.m. daily.
II. The activities that a student may be declared ineligible for are the following:
1. NSAA sponsored or sanctioned activity.
2. District or state competitions that are not sponsored or sanctioned by NSAA.
3. All other school sponsored activities including, but not inclusive to band, choir, FFA, quiz bowl, scholastic contest, speech and drama, destination imagination, cheerleading and junior high activities; excluding music and FFA when the activity is part of the classroom grade. The music and FFA sponsors will clarify for students in writing what activities are covered by the eligibility policy.
III. Activities: Students who will be absent from school for an activity must get the assignments that will be missed prior to leaving for the activity.
1. Procedure: Each activity sponsor will be responsible to give his/her students the activity forms which must be filled out and signed by all the student’s instructors.
2. The student must return these forms to his/her sponsor signed by all instructors or, he/she will not be allowed to go to the activity.
IV. Participants in any activity must have good attendance and should never be truant from classes. Students may not practice or participate in any activity if they have an unexcused absence during the school day. Students may participate in a school related activity or practice so long as the absence was excused by 3:00 p.m. that day.
However, students who are absent due to illness during periods 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9, or the two periods prior to departure for an away contest earlier than noon on a school day, may not practice, participate in an activity that day or travel to participate in the activity.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Bayard Public Schools for further information.