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Bayard 2019-2020 Elementary School Student Annual Forms

Registration Deadline 05/29/2020
Payment Deadline 08/30/2019

This student handbook is Board of Education policy, and in the event there are inconsistencies or conflicts with any other rules or regulations, the board policies and regulations as they appear in this handbook will regulate.

The purpose of this booklet is to help the parents and students of Bayard Public Schools to understand the philosophy, practices, policies, and regulations of the school. It is designed to help students choose courses and classes which will benefit them later for a life after graduation. If you have questions or concerns about these matters, or any other
facet of your education, please contact an administrator at any time.

The experience of school is of critical importance. Not only do students learn the academic skills of reading, writing, calculating, thinking, and speaking; but they also learn who they are and how to deal with and relate to fellow students and adults. For these reasons, it is of paramount importance that the school environment be supportive of the students, offering encouragement, acceptance, and genuine concern for the individual student. The school, along with parents, family, and community must teach the students that all people have value and dignity. They must also strive to teach the values of honesty, respect for others, personal integrity, individual achievement, cooperation, selfdiscipline, a sense of humor, and good citizenship. 

The classroom should be a very special environment. It must be stimulating and challenging, and at the same time, warm and supportive. Discipline should be present to enhance learning and engender proper academic and social development. It should not, however, be so rigid as to stifle individual creativity. It must foster self-worth and respect for the rights of other individuals and build a positive relationship between the student and the teacher. We believe in firm, fair, and consistent discipline that is built on sound educational principles. We also believe that all students are special and can succeed to the level of their abilities. There should be a real joy in learning, and students should be encouraged and rewarded for their many successes.

We hope that this school year will be exciting and rewarding, and we look forward to the opportunity of helping each student become the very best that they can become.

Bayard Public Schools will effectively provide and adapt its programs to meet the needs of its students, today and in the future.

The mission of Bayard Public Schools is to partner with parents to provide a successful educational experience and diverse opportunities. 

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Bayard Public Schools for further information.