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Ayer Shirley Regional School District Fall Athletic Registration 2020

Registration Deadline 09/15/2020
Payment Deadline 10/16/2020

*UPDATE 9/7*

ASRSD will offer the following sports for the Fall I Season (9/18 - 11/20): B/G Cross Country, Golf, and B/G Soccer. We also hope to host a Unified Disc Golf intramural team (starting 9/28 or 10/5) as well as middle school intramural activities starting (10/5). User fees are due by 10/15.

Note: Cheer, Football, Unified basketball and Volleyball were moved to Fall II season (starting February 23). Football and volleyball may hold practice sessions (more information to follow). There will be no user fee for sports that are practicing only.

There will be no interscholastic middle school soccer this fall.

If you have previously registered for any of these sports, please let me know if you would like to switch to another sport. The user fee for middle school intramurals will be $25.

Competitions will begin at 3:30 or 4 depending on the day and sport. Practices will start no earlier than 2:45, though start times will be staggered throughout the afternoon. Coaches will announce practice schedules soon.

Parents/Guardians need to provide transportation to/from all home events and to the school for buses to road events.

Golf practices at three locations: Settlers Crossing, Lunenburg/Whalom Lakeview Driving Range, and Shaker Hills Country Club (possibly Sterling Country Club)


The MIAA mandates that sports on high school teams go to high school students first. If needed, schools may apply for a middle school waiver. These waivers are only to ensure enough participants are needed to field teams. As of now,any new applicants in golf and girls soccer can be from grades 9-12. Middle schools students in grades 7-8 may be allowed to register for these sports should the need arise.

Middle school students may register for boys soccer (grades 7-8) and boys and girls cross country (grades 6-8). Football players in grades 7-8 may register for the practice sessions.

If you register for football practices (there will be approximately 10 sessions so about 2 per week for 5 weeks), you MAY NOT register for another sport this fall. 

Welcome to Ayer Shirley Regional High School Athletic Registration. 

* Both student and parent should participate in the online process, as signatures are needed from both

* An up-to-date physical (within 13 months) must be on file with the nurse's office in order to participate

* This online form must be completed in order to participate

* All policies and forms must be completed prior to trying out

This is the ONLY way to register for sports in the Ayer Shirley Regional School District

* User fee must be paid by October 16, 2020  (a once-a-year payment of $200 per participant for high school sports, $100 per participant for middle school sports, and a family cap of $500 per year).

Question: Why do some sports allow certain middle school athletes to play with the high school teams and others do not? Answer: Middle school waivers are based upon expected numbers. For example, boys' soccer numbers are expected to be lower than normal this year, so we asked the MIAA for a waiver for grade 8 students who are interested in playing junior varsity to keep our numbers high enough to have a JV team. This, in turn, should also create more room for kids on the middle school team, with the hope being that this will help the program grow as a whole. Girls' soccer, on the other hand, appears to have healthy numbers. The MIAA would not approve a middle school waiver unless the expected numbers demonstrate a clear need for it. In the case of sports that are offered at the middle and high school (boys' soccer and baseball, 8th grade students may choose to register for the JV team or the middle school team. Grade 8 students do not have to play for the JV team if they prefer to play on the middle school team, and there is no guarantee grade 8 students will make the JV team. If they do not, they may join the middle school team.   

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Ayer Shirley Regional School District for further information.