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AP World Institute 2021

Registration Deadline 08/25/2021

The AP World Institute is intended to help students develop and use the same skills, practices, and methods employed by historians and to prepare for their first AP experience.  The two-day institute is designed in four discrete sessions, each exploring different topics and skills that are central to the AP World History curriculum.  Students are encouraged to attend all sessions but may register for as few as one or any combination that best suits their needs.  Further information and enrollment forms will be sent directly to families of students enrolled to take AP World History. Please contact Ms. Marlene Colonna, Director of Social Studies, at 630-3147 for more information.

Session #1: August 24th, 8:00-11:00

Session #2 August 24th, 12:00-3:00

Session #3: August 25th, 8:00-11:00

Session #4: August 25th, 12:00-3:00

AP World Institute Developing Arguments - August 24, 2021 to August 24, 2021
AP World Institute: Comparative Analysis - August 24, 2021 to August 24, 2021
AP World Institute: Contextualization - August 25, 2021 to August 25, 2021
AP World Institute: Change Over Time - August 25, 2021 to August 25, 2021
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