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Allentown Central Catholic 2018 Spring Athletics Registration

Registration Deadline 03/05/2018

Attention Spring Athletes:

All student-athletes and their parents/guardians are expected to abide by the policies outlined in the Allentown Central Catholic High School Student Handbook as well as the ACCHS Athletic Code. These policies include adherence to the highest standards of sportsmanship, an understanding of the responsibility of serving as a school representative, support of the athletic program, and compliance with all EPC, league, Diocesan, and school policies. Coaches are also responsible for adhering to, as well as enforcing, ACCHS athletic policies.

Spring Sports Season begins March 5, 2018  

All athletes must have a PIAA Physical (Sections 1-6) on file in the Athletic Training Room prior to February 16th. Athletes that have played a sport in the fall or the winter must have a PIAA Re-Certification Form (Section 7). The link for the PIAA physical is listed on the right side of this screen. Please refer to the directions at the top of the page.

Also, athletes are required to have an ImPACT test, (baseline concussion test done every two years) prior to trying out for a sport.  

Starting this season, all paperwork must be turned in prior to February 16th. If you have any issues please contact the athletic training department. Paperwork will be accepted late, however, consequences may occur. 

Baseline Impact Testing will be done Feb 7th from 5pm-7pm, same date as sports physicals.

Baseline Impact testing is required every two years to play a sport.

The test takes approximately 30 mins to complete.  


There will be physicals held on February 7th at Central Catholic High School from 5pm-7pm. Please plan on attending if you need a physical or if you were injured during a past season while playing another sport. Sign up's for physicals will be held in the main office. 

Annual, pre-participation sports physicals are required for all athletes. Physicals should include a general medical exam and an orthopedic evaluation. Those who did not attend the ACCHS Physicals in June will need to get a physical from their own doctor. Without a physical, students will not be able to participate in practices or games. Students attending the first day of practices without having a physical or having the appropriate forms will be sent home.

ImPACT Tests

In addition, every student that is participating in a sport will need a baseline ImPACT Test (Immediate Post Concussion/Assessment and Cognitive Testing). This test is a software program designed to assist in the management of head injuries. It tracks neurocognitive information such as memory, reaction time, brain processing speed and concentration. A baseline test establishes a reference point of the non-concussed athlete.

We can retest an injured athlete to track their recovery. The ImPACT Test, along with other clinical evaluation tools, helps to determine when it is safe for the athlete to return to play. We feel it is important for our student athletes to have a baseline test in the chance that they may be injured. Those that have had the test in the last two years will not have to take the test this year, as baseline testing should be done every two years. Testing will be offered throughout the year.  When selected, dates and times will be listed on the website and coaches will be notified.  


All juniors will need a physical for the nurse. In order to be cleared to play a sport, your doctor must complete the PIAA forms. The forms you get from the nurse CAN NOT be accepted for a sport physical. You must have the PIAA forms completed. The nurse can accept the PIAA forms for their junior physical. PIAA Forms can be found on the Athletic Forms & Policies page.


PIAA Forms can be found on the Athletic Forms & Policies page.

Please read and follow the directions for Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Section 6; it must be completed by a Physician, Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner. Also complete the ACCHS Emergency Consent to Treat form.All Sections must be brought to the Athletic Department or the Athletic Trainers. 

If you do not attend the physical, please submit ALL sections (1-6) and the Consent to Treat form to the Athletic Training Room or the Athletic Department before February 16th. 

Marie Myers M.Ed., LAT, ATC

Christina Pelizzoni MS, ATC, LAT, FMSC

Jessica Cancel MS, LAT, ATC

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Allentown Central Catholic for further information.