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After-School Care 2019-2020

Registration Deadline 09/03/2019
Payment Deadline 09/03/0019

We are thrilled to announce that registration for the 2019-2020 After-School Care program is now available. 150 spaces will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Students must be picked up by no later than 6pm. Registration will be for particular days of the week for the duration of the school year, i.e., every Monday or every Wednesday.  Registration for the program will close on August 1, 2019.

Students must be pre-registered, no drop in services are available. After-School Care tuition is paid monthly, over the ten (10) month period from August through May, and has been divided into ten equal payments. (Payment in full is also welcome.)

Our teachers and after school providers will participate in professional development on early release days. With this in mind, we will not be able to offer After-School Care on our early release and full-day professional development days. If you need care on vacation and professional development days, we encourage you to contact local providers that offer drop in services or local camps.

Monday - September 01, 2019 to June 19, 2020
Tuesday - September 01, 2019 to June 19, 2020
Wednesday - September 01, 2019 to June 19, 2020
Thursday - September 01, 2019 to June 19, 2020
Friday - September 01, 2019 to June 19, 2020
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