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Adams High School 2019-20 Coaches Registration

Welcome to John Adams High School 2019-2020 Coaches Registration program.  Weather you're a head coach, paid assistant  or a volunteer assistant coach it is a must that you complete your coaching registration before you start working/coaching and coming into contact with our student-athletes.

The purpose of this registration process is two fold; to promoting effective communication between the John Adams athletic office to our coaching staff regarding needed information for our office and to provide you vital job information & expectations for your understanding as you work with our student-athletes.

We must remain focused on the job we have chosen, to work with our student-athletes. Our mission statement is clear,

John Adams High School is committed to providing all students equal opportunities to achieve their full potential. The JAHS community is committed to academic success, character development, leadership, developing self-discipline, sportsmanship, teamwork, and maintaining a positive work-ethic.

The John Adams athletic department strives to maintain successful athletic programs for all our student-athletes, Our coaches must utilize modern coaching methods, current athletic technology and effective coaching strategies in order to sustain a positive athletic experiences.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact John Adams High School for further information.