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Monument Academy CCAL "Brainlete" Registration - Chess, Matchwits Programs: 2019-2020 School Year

Registration Deadline 09/30/2019
Payment Deadline 09/30/2019

Registration Period:  8/15/19 - 9/30/19
Payment Deadline:  9/30/19

CCAL "Brainlete" Programs:  Monument Academy is a full member school in the Central Colorado Athletic League (CCAL), and will directly support the participation of student-"brainletes" in Competitive Chess and Matchwits programs. More information about these CCAL programs can be found in the Student-Athlete Handbook.

Required Registration:  Parents of student-athletes participating in CCAL Brainlete programs offered at Monument Academy must complete, electronically sign, and submit all necessary online forms, agreements, and payment required for each program before student-brainletes will be permitted to participate. Athletic physicals are not required for these programs, but we will collect medical and emergency contact information so that our coaches may act quickly and appropriately should a situation arise. Please select a program from the list below.

Volunteer Parent Drivers: Monument Academy does not have regular access to bus service, and relies on parent volunteers to transport student-athletes to competitive activities/events. If you are available to help, even if only occasionally, please register for the Volunteer Parent Driver Registration Program. Registration for this program will place you on a list of approved drivers that can help transport students to any school sponsored activities/events. Thank you!

Contact Us
  • Marty Venticinque
    Athletic Director/Webmaster
    (719) 481-1950, ext 1227

  • Competitive Chess: MA Competitive Chess Team Webpage
    Available to: 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th grade students
    Fee: $30
    The school will provide chess equipment. Tryouts are not held for this program.

    Matchwits: MA Matchwits Team Webpage
    Available to: 7th, & 8th grade students
    Fee: $40
    The school will provide buzzer boxes, study/practice materials, and competition questions. Tryouts are not held for this program.

    Please select the program section you are interested in registering for below. Student-athletes/brainletes may be able to participate in multiple programs/sections, but we suggest contacting the head coaches of each program section to determine feasibility.
  • Athletics Fund Donation
    Monument Academy athletic programs are 100% funded by program fees and minor fundraising/school ... Show more

  • Are you interested in helping coach Monument Academy athletic programs?
    We have been fortunate to wrangle many quality coaches for our athletic-programs over the ... Show more

Participant Information

For each of the agreements below, please read the terms, check the box to mark your acknowledgement, and type your name to confirm.


I/we have read the foregoing, acknowledging the “WARNING” above, accept the risks described and agree to abide by the principles and regulations contained therein.


I/we fully understand Monument Academy does not provide accident, health, or life insurance coverage for the above-named student while he/she is participating in activities associated with interscholastic sports.

I/we further understand that it is my/our responsibility to provide adequate insurance coverage to the above-named student.


I give my consent for medical treatment deemed necessary by physicians designated by the school authorities and/or for transportation to a hospital for treatment for any illness or injury resulting from his/her athletic participation. I understand this authorization will only be enforced when I cannot be personally contacted.

Please make a selection *

Often, parents will set up “team hosting sites” to post and share photos of athletes that are taken at athletic events. Occasionally, the Athletic Director would like to share a team photo on the Central Colorado Athletic League (CCAL) website when one of our teams wins a league championship. Photos that are posted on the CCAL website would be of the team, and would not include names. We require permission to take and post these photos, or a refusal of permission.

Please make a selection *

  • Yes, I give my child permission to ride to school sponsored athletic events with a school approved driver in a private (non-school owned) car.
  • No, I do not grant permission for my child to ride to school sponsored athletic events with a school approved driver in a private (non-school owned) car. I will always transport my child to school sponsored athletic events.

Please make a selection *

(For use in arranging carpool transportation to school sponsored athletic events)

  • Yes, I give permission to release my contact information to Monument Academy coaches, and other Monument Academy families involved in carpool ONLY!
  • No, I do not grant permission to release my contact information to anyone.

Please make a selection *
The Monument Academy Student-Athlete Handbook

The Monument Academy Student-Athlete Handbook contains policies, procedures, expectations, Information regarding schedules and communication, and information about specific sports/activities. All student-athletes, and parents of student-athletes must read, and agree to abide by the policies and expectations outlined in the handbook for student-athletes to participate in the Monument Academy Athletics Program.

You may pick up a copy of the Monument Academy Student-Athlete Handbook from the front office, or view this link to the Monument Academy Athletic Handbook.

We have read, understand, and are committed to abide by the policies and procedures as outlined in the Monument Academy Student-Athlete Handbook. Any violation of these policies and procedures may result in revocation of participation privileges.

Other registration information
Thank you for registering for our CCAL Athletic Program! The Athletic Director will review your registration and contact you if there are any further actions required. If you encountered any problems with your registration, please let us know by sending an e-mail to the Athletic Director at

Please consider volunteering as a parent driver. As you may know, we rely on parent drivers to transport our student-athletes to competitive events. You may register for the Volunteer Parent Driver program at any time by re-visiting the programs section of this website upon completion of this registration. Thank you!
Payment Method
PayPal Monument Academy Athletics


Payment can be made to the front office at Monument Academy. Please include the program section(s) and participant(s) you are paying for on the check memo line. Thank you!