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Penn Trafford Video Class Policies and Permissions

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For each of the agreements below, please read the terms, check the box to mark your acknowledgement, and type your name to confirm.

2017-18 PTHS Video Equipment Use Policy

Equipment provided by the school system is an important and integral part of the video and film classes.

Only students that have a contract signed by all the necessary parties on file in the Video classroom are allowed to sign out equipment overnight. PTHS Video equipment is to only be used for school work related to the Video class. Students not in good standing may not be considered for this privilege. Being in good standing includes, but is not limited to, completing assignments on time and returning equipment on time.

Students are responsible for the use and care of the equipment beginning from the time they check out the equipment from the storage closet until the equipment is returned to the storage closet and checked back in. Students and their parent/guardian are responsible for any repairs needed, due to negligence, when the equipment is in the student’s care. It is also the student’s and their parent/guardian’s responsibility to pay for any item(s) lost or stolen while in the student’s care. A student may not check out any Broadcasting equipment until complete payment has been made to the Bookkeeper for any damaged, lost, and/or stolen equipment that the student’s responsible for.

It is not required for a student to use the PTHS Video equipment in order to complete required assignments in the class. However if a student and parent/guardian choose to not use the PTHS Video equipment it is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian to provide the necessary equipment in order to complete class assignments.

The school system is required to by federal law, under the Children’s Internet Protection Act, to filter the internet. Students are only allowed to access the internet on a Video computer at school. Students are also not allowed to install any programs on the computers.

To avoid interrupting class instruction, equipment may be checked out and returned before 1st period, between classes, and after school. Checked out equipment must be returned prior to the beginning of 1st period the assigned return day whether or not the student is present at school. Students who turn in equipment late consistently will not be allowed to check out equipment overnight and will be responsible to find other equipment to complete their assignments. The following consequences will apply:

1st Offense -  Verbal Warning

2nd Offense - Student will not be allowed to check out equipment overnight for 1 week from when the equipment is returned.

3rd Offense - Student will not be allowed to check out equipment overnight for the rest of the year.

All equipment must be turned in by May 24, 2018. No equipment can be checked out after May 23, 2018.

PTV Equipment Checkout Contract

My son/daughter has my permission to check out all of the following equipment EXCEPT those which I have checked:

Necessary equipment to complete required assignments:

____-JVC200SP Kit- Camcorder, extra battery, microphone, case ($3000)

____-Tripod ($153.88)

____-Wireless Microphone ($592.00)


____-Green screen kit ($150.00)

____-Nikon D5200 DSLR with lenses ($800)

____-Steadicam with vest ($2500)

____-Samsung palmcorder ($150)

(Note -Replacement costs are subject to change dependent on current vendor quotes.)

I understand and accept all parental/guardian responsibilities outlined in the PTHS Video Equipment Use Policy. I agree to pay replacement or repair costs if an item is lost, stolen, or damaged while signed out to my son/daughter. I understand the obligations my son/daughter are agreeing to above and will assist in their obligations.

PT Video Youtube/filming permission form

YouTube and Movie Permission Form

I would like your approval to post your child’s work on this site.  We have some very talented filmmakers here at PT, and I would really like to share their work with the world.  We will also be reviewing and critiquing movies.  Movies will be G, PG, and PG-13.  No “R” rated movies will be shown in class.  I give my permission to have my child’s video project posted on the PT Video Youtube account, as well as posting for video contests, and to watch movies up to and including a PG-13 rating.  Please print your child’s name and your name in the space provided below.

Please return this contract by the end of the first full week of school with your signature and that of your parents/guardians.

I have read and understand the rules, consequences, and procedures outlined above. I agree to follow these rules and procedures as well as all policies set forth by the Student Handbook.