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QCHS - Fall Coaches Registration 2019-2020 (COACHES ONLY)

Registration Deadline 08/05/2019

All Quakertown coaches must complete this form in advance of the sports season. Coaches are required to read the Coaches Handbook which is available to you below.

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Participant Information

For each of the agreements below, please read the terms, check the box to mark your acknowledgement, and type your name to confirm.

Coaches Handbook Acknowledgement

I have read the Quakertown Community School District Coaches Handbook. I understand and agree to follow the policies, procedures, and programs therein.

St. Luke's Consent to Treat

Please read the St Luke's Consent to Treat Policy-Click to read Policy

I am the parent/legal guardian of the child named below and have the legal right to consent to permit St. Luke’s University Health Network and its personnel to deliver health care and treatment to my child at Quakertown Community School District practices and games by its athletic trainers, physical therapists and physicians. Such health care and treatment may include medical evaluation of injuries, administration of first aid for athletic injuries, and providing initial treatment and management of injuries, as may be deemed necessary or advisable by St. Luke’s personnel in the treatment and diagnosis of my child.

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Hazing Agreement

I have viewed and read the entire Board Policy and the section in the Coach's Handbook regarding Hazing.