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2020 TJMS Unified Basketball *INVITATION ONLY*

Registration Deadline 03/04/2020
Payment Deadline 03/04/2020

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

The list below identifies the required information, forms, and payments required to start the clearance process for your son/daughter in order to participate in Thomas Jefferson Middle School athletics and activities. Use this checklist to make sure you have read the required information and completed all the necessary forms. 

Students will not be allowed to participate in practices OR competitions until all required forms and payments have been completed and submitted to the school business office and they have been cleared by BOTH the school nurse and Business Clerk.

¨ Insurance and Activity Fee Information for high school athletes
¨ Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy
¨ Regulation 5135 and R5135.1
¨ Policy 5300
¨ Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment
¨ Athletic Clearance Information
¨ WIAA Pre-participation History and Physical Examination (must be signed by a physician). Physical exams are valid for two years.
¨ Certification of Medical/Dental Insurance Coverage
¨ Permission to Participate in Interscholastic Athletics
¨ Authorization for Administration of Medication in Vancouver School District (complete and sign if medication is needed) *
¨ AIDS and Hepatitis B information
¨ Safety Guidelines for each sport in which student is participating
¨ Concussion Information Sheet
**Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Sheet

Please submit all forms via FamilyID to the school's business office for final clearance. 

Fees (payable to Thomas Jefferson Middle School):
¨ Associated Student Body Card (ASB is required for all activity participants) is $10.00 for the school year; $5.00 replacement fee if lost or damaged.
¨ Athletic Fee of $20.00 for each sport, uniform/equipment fee - except mouthpieces.

Note: Any fees paid by check, other than insurance, are payable to Thomas Jefferson Middle School. Non-sufficient fund checks are subject to a $15.00 check collection fee.

Refund Policy:
All middle schools have implemented a "no cut" policy for all activities. Students may obtain an activity refund prior to the first contest of a sports season only due to injury or relocation of residence. Fees can be transferred to another sport if for any reason the student cannot participate in the sport for which the fee was originally paid. In these instances, or for more information, please contact your school's business office.

ATHLETE -- Unified Basketball - February 24, 2020 to March 25, 2020
PARTNER -- Unified Basketball - February 24, 2020 to March 25, 2020
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