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2020 Mead School District Elementary Track 4, 5, & 6 Grade

Welcome to our online activity registration. This will need to be completed for your child to participate in the upcoming school activity. Please note there is an annual participation fee of $25. You may pay online or bring cash/check to your child's school. If you have already paid this year please skip the pay link at the end of your registration process.  Below is our Mead After School Sports Policy. Thank you for attending to the following:

Mead After School Sports Expectations

It is our belief that all students have the same opportunity to play regardless of winning or losing.  It is our hope to develop students' knowledge, skills and responsibilities in their development of the game or sport.

The afterschool sports program is for students who want to learn and improve their skills. Disruptive behavior takes coaching time away from the rest of the team.  Coaches are looking for cooperation, effort, enthusiasm, school spirit and sportsmanship.   Coaches will give warnings if behavior is not appropriate and, if necessary, the student may be released from the team.

Students may start participating in the sport once the online registration completed.  Any student missing a practice due to (doctor, illness, or prior parent and coach arrangement) will be excused only by a note from the parent(s), guardian(s), or Dr. An unexcused absence is anything other than previously stated.  Students accumulating a total of three absences of any type from practice will no longer remain on the team. First unexcused absence: warning; second unexcused absence or third total:  dismissal from the team.  If you are not at school the day of practice or meet/game, you may not participate in that practice meet/game.


It is appreciated if students are picked up by their parents on time on practice days, and directly following the completion of a game/match/or meet. All students not picked up by a parent at an away game/match will be transported back to their home school.

Only the sport participant may ride the bus to meets/games. 

Coaches are responsible for the sport participants only.  Brothers, sisters, and/or friends may not stay to watch unless they are supervised by a parent or guardian.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Mead School District Elementary School Sports for further information.