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2020 Lincoln Athletics Season 1 Registration

Registration Deadline 02/28/2021


Welcome to Lincoln High School's online sports registration. This form must be filled out by the parent/guardian and athlete together. You only need to fill this out once to participate in Season 1 or out of season practices

In order to participate in Season 1, this online registration must be complete and the athlete must have an up to date physical by the first day they plan to participate. 

Season 1 Guidelines

We will begin Season 1 with socially distanced, non-contact outdoor workouts in pods, or groups, of no more than 25 students. Students and coaches must wear masks at all times, including during physical activity. Students may only join one pod per day. Pods will be restricted to a specific location on the field (called zones). 

There are only two programs that hold tryouts during Season 1: cheer and dance. All other programs will host practices that are open to all. Your athlete may not be able to participate in every workout they express interest in for a number of reasons: 

  • athletes may only join one pod a day (this requirement follows the Governor's standard) 
  • pods are limited to 25 students and we are limited in the number of pods we can host due to field availability

Select the sports your athlete wants to play below. If your sport is not listed, email  Jessica Russell ( The head coach will email the "first parent or guardian" on Fridays (on Monday, 10/19 for the first week of practices) letting them know whether or not they were scheduled into a pod the following week. If they are, the coach will also give practice times, days, and locations, check in instructions, and what to bring to practice. If your student is interested in more than one sport, our coaches will set up a rotation so your athlete gets a chance to play each sport they are interested in. Again, an athlete can only be in one pod (or play one sport) a day. 

All families will need to accept the invitation for Healthy Roster, the app that allows our athletic trainer(s) to communicate with families about injuries and comply with required COVID screenings. COVID screenings will be sent to the athlete's email address you list in this FamilyID registration. By registering on Family ID, your athlete will automatically be placed into the Healthy Roster system and an invitation for Healthy Roster will be sent to the email put under the "First Parent" section on Family ID. Please make sure you accept this invitation. 

Parents will receive an email each morning they participate from Healthy Roster asking them for their athlete's temperature and whether or not they are experiencing any symptoms of COVID. 

Physical Exam Form: OSAA rules mandate that all student-athletes have a physical examination every two years and turn in a specific form. If the athlete has not had a physical within the past two years or the physical is expiring, please schedule an exam and have your medical provider complete the required physical exam form (found in the links section on the right hand side of this page). By Oregon law we need a hard copy of the completed physical form. Please submit hard copies of your forms into the athletic office, the main office, mail them, or fax them to the school (503-916-2700). If you need to email the form please send it to AJ Valencia ( and Jessica Russell ( 

If you would like options for getting a sports physical, see links to right. The closest options to Lincoln High School are through urgent care centers like Legacy GoHealth, Providence ExpressCare, or ZoomCare.

PPS does not provide medical insurance for athletics. If low-cost Student Health Insurance Coverage is needed, please see links to right.

PIL Fee: There is no fee to participate in Season 1. 

Club sports (water polo, crew, sailing, rec soccer, lacrosse): All club sport coaches interested in participating in Season 1 are listed below. If you do not see your club sport below, contact the coach (contacts available on the athletics website). 

Academic requirements: Students who fail to meet any of these three requirements are not eligible to participate in sports. 

Every student-athlete in the state must: 
1) have passed 5 classes the previous semester,  

2) be enrolled and passing 5 classes in the current semester, 

3) and make satisfactory progress toward graduation by earning the minimum number of credits (4.5 credits by the start of 10th grade, 10 credits by the start of 11th grade, 17 credits by the start of 12th grade).

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Lincoln High School for further information.