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2020 Fall Athletics Registration

Registration Deadline 08/19/2020
Payment Deadline 07/08/2020

The purpose of Athletic Programs in the Quincy Public Schools is to provide learning experiences which contribute to physical, mental, social and emotional growth. Athletics fosters the development of positive self-esteem and a climate among coaches and team members where mutual respect is valued. Athletics fulfill a necessary and important function in the educational process throughout the Quincy Public Schools.

Quincy Public School Athletics is an extension of the regular school day. We are therefore responsible for teaching values such as: accountability, citizenship, sportsmanship, tolerance, leadership, participation within the rules, performing under pressure, persistence, work ethic, physical well-being, responsibility, self-discipline, social skills, the pursuit of excellence and acceptance of instruction and teamwork.

It is our function to properly educate students through participation in interscholastic competition. This program is designed to enhance academic achievement and will encourage and instill opportunities for academic success.

Contact Us
  • JJ Niamkey
    NQHS Director of Athletics Program

Football - August 20, 2020 to November 29, 2020
Boys Soccer - August 24, 2020 to October 31, 2020
Girls Soccer - August 24, 2020 to November 01, 2020
Girls Volleyball - August 24, 2020 to December 01, 2020
Boys Golf - August 24, 2020 to November 01, 2020
Cross Country (Boys & Girls) - August 24, 2020 to November 01, 2020
Cheerleading - August 24, 2020 to November 01, 2020
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