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2020-21 Linden Hall Athletics Registration (Copy 1)

Registration Deadline 12/18/2020

It is time to register for sports for the 2020-21 academic year.  It is required that parents register their daughters.  Please read all pages of the online registration very thoroughly for all of the information that you need.  If you have an account with Family ID, your previously registered information has been saved.  However, please check it carefully as some things may have changed, such as grade, size, height, phone number etc. and new information will be requested.

The arrival date for all fall sports is August 10th. Check-in for Fall Sport Athletes will be from 10:00AM-12:00 PM in the lobby of the Anne Brossman Sweigart Sports and Fitness Center (gymnasium building).  If you plan on playing the fall sports of Varsity Golf, Varsity or Junior High Cross Country, Varsity or Junior High Volleyball, Varsity Tennis, Varsity Soccer, arrange your travel plans to arrive on August 10th for check-in between 10:00AM - 12:00 PM. 

Practice for Field Hockey at Warwick begin on August 17th.  Please contact Athletic Director, Julia Parmakian for details.

Linden Hall and its cooperative program with Warwick High school offer the following sports: 

LINDEN HALL SPORTS: Varsity (V), Junior Varsity (JV), Junior High (JH), Middle School (MS)

Archery (High School grades 9-12; Middle School grades 6-8) 

Basketball (Varsity/ Junior Varsity grades 9-12; Junior High grades *6/7-9) 

Cross Country (Varsity/ Junior Varsity grades 9-12; Junior High grades *6/7-9)

Dance team (grades 6-12) (performs at half time of basketball games)

Linden Hall Dance Company (grades 6-12) (competitive dance squad that travels to dance competitions in the spring)

Golf (Varsity grades 9-12) 

Soccer (Varsity/ Junior Varsity grades 9-12; Middle School grades 6-8) 

Tennis (Varsity/ Junior Varsity grades 9-12; Middle School grades 6-8) 

Volleyball (Varsity/ Junior Varsity grades 9-12; Junior High grades *6/7-9)  

*6th graders are permitted to participate on Junior High teams with 7-9th graders however, they may compete in contests against NON-PIAA teams only. 

LINDEN HALL SPORTS - To help support the costs associated with maintaining and providing these quality athletic opportunities, a minimal activity fee is associated with each athletics sport or club. All fees cumulatively benefit the athletics program. 

WARWICK SPORTS - Linden Hall has a PIAA cooperative program with the local public high school in sports.  Linden Hall students can participate at Warwick in sports that Linden Hall does not offer.  There is a $50 participation fee for sports at Warwick.  All Sports at Warwick are offered for 9-12 graders only (Varsity/Junior Varsity): 

Field Hockey 





Track and Field  

Please read carefully to find registration deadlines for your sport. In addition, please read carefully for required pre-participation forms. 


August 1  – Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Tennis (Varsity/JV ONLY), Volleyball, Field Hockey 

August 17 – Dance Team, Competitive Dance Squad, Equestrian Team 

September 28 – Archery 

October 15 – Basketball, Swimming, Bowling 

February 1 – Lacrosse, Softball, Track and Field, Middle School Soccer, Middle School Tennis, Girls on the Run 

FALL PRESEASON PRACTICES: Students participating in the sports of Golf (V); Cross Country (V/JV/JH); Soccer (V/JV); Tennis (V/JV); Volleyball (V/JV/JH); and Field Hockey (V/JV at Warwick), please plan to arrive at Linden Hall for check-in between 10:00AM- 12:00 PM on August 10th for the start of testing, team organizational meetings and practices.  Day students will not be permitted to stay in the dorms during this week as this is also the start of move-in and orientation for all Linden Hall students so rooms will not be available for day students. Attendance at all practices and team activities is required. If you do not attend preseason practices you will not be able to participate in fall sports. Preseason practice/meeting schedules will be distributed to families as soon as possible.  

PRE-PARTICIPATION PAPERWORK AND SPORTS PHYSICALS: All student-athletes are required to complete the PIAA Comprehensive Initial Pre-participation Physical Evaluation (CIPPE) which is comprised of 6 sections. If you complete the ONLINE REGISTRATION, you will be completing sections 1-5 of the CIPPE forms. You DO NOT have to complete the hard copies to turn into the athletic department. The exception to that is if you are playing a sport at Warwick in which case, students are required to complete ALL sections 1-6 of the PIAA CIPPE forms and turn in the hard copies.  

PHYSICALS - There is a link to the PIAA CIPPE forms on the right of this page.  

ALL DOMESTIC student-athletes are REQUIRED to have a PIAA sports physical PRIOR to their arrival on campus. PHYSICALS MUST BE COMPLETED AFTER MAY 31, 2020. Section 6 is the PIAA Comprehensive Initial Preparticipation Physical Evaluation and Certification of Authorized Medical Examiner. The doctor who performs the physical must complete Section 6. PLEASE UPLOAD A COPY OF SECTION 6 TO YOUR ONLINE REGISTRATION PAGE by the registration deadline for your sport. **PLEASE BE AWARE THAT YOU WILL NEED TO BRING A COPY OF SECTION 5 WITH YOU TO THE PHYSICAL EXAMINATION FOR THE DOCTOR TO REVIEW. There is a link to the PIAA CIPPE forms on the right of this page.  

ALL INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS are required to have sports physicals in Pennsylvania. Linden Hall will offer on and off campus physicals for International students only.  DOMESTIC students must complete their physical exams before returning to school. There is a $10.00 fee for on campus sports physicals and a $35.00 fee for off campus sports physicals. Sports physicals provided by Linden Hall, whether on campus or off campus, are reserved for International students.  We expect that all domestic students will complete their physicals by the registration deadlines. 

Physicals for International students whose seasons begin on August 10th will take place on August 11th. Physicals for International students whose seasons begin after August 10th are TBA. No student-athlete may participate in any form of practice session until physicals are complete! 

WARWICK SPORTS: If you are registering to participate in a sport at Warwick, you are required to complete the hard copies of sections 1-6 of the CIPPE forms. You must also complete the Warwick Student Extra-Curricular Activity form and the Warwick Athletic Participation Form. Warwick School District requires you to pay a $50.00 participation fee.  All forms must be uploaded to your registration page by the registration deadline for your sport. All fees must be paid by the registration deadline for your sport. You can find all forms at the links on the right of this page. 


If you are a NEW DAY STUDENT or a NEW INTERNATIONAL STUDENT going into grade 10, 11 or 12 and you are participating in a Varsity or JV PIAA sport (Cross Country, Golf, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Swimming, Bowling, Softball, Track and Field, Lacrosse) the PIAA requires all transfers to turn in a transfer waiver form that is completed by you, the school from which you are transferring and the new school.  

The student/parents must complete SECTIONS 2-3 and the former school principal must complete SECTION 5. Once those three sections are complete, please turn in to Shellee Young, Director of Athletics, no less than 2 weeks prior to the start of your season. 

9th GRADERS - JR. HIGH VS. JV/VARSITY: If you are a ninth grader, you will play on the Junior High team (JH) or the Junior Varsity (JV)/ Varsity (V) Teams. Please register for one of the teams. The coaches will place you on the appropriate team based on the needs of the program and based on their evaluation of your skill, athleticism, knowledge of the sport and experience. 

6th GRADERS - Sixth graders may register for junior high teams in the sports of Cross Country, Volleyball and Basketball. Sixth graders may attend all practices and may play in contests that are NOT against PIAA opponents. Sixth graders will not be permitted to play in contests against PIAA opponents. 

SAVE THE DATE FOR NEXT YEAR! Next year the first day of the season will be Monday, August 9, 2021. It is required for all student-athletes to arrive to campus before 2:00 that day for the following sports: V/JV Cross Country, V Golf, V/JV Soccer, V/JV Tennis, Varsity/JV Volleyball, Jr. High Volleyball and V/JV Field Hockey (at Warwick).  


9th – 12th grade - two credits, awarded as 0.5 credit each year for participation in at least one interscholastic sports team or After School Physical Education (ASPE) elective.   

6th – 8th grade - 1.5 credits, awarded as 0.5 credit each year for participation in at least one interscholastic sports team and physical education class.   

Physical Education is required each year for every student at Linden Hall. The requirement for upper school students is satisfied by participation on a team sport at Linden Hall or through the cooperative program at Warwick High School. Team levels include Varsity and Junior Varsity (both at Linden Hall and Warwick for 9-12 graders) and Junior High (at Linden Hall for 9th graders).  If a student does not play a season of a sport, she must complete a Linden Hall designated After School Physical Education (ASPE) class twice a week throughout the year; options include riding lessons and dance.  If a student chooses to play a sport but does not complete the entire sport season, she must join the ASPE program to fulfill her credit.

Middle School students are enrolled in year-long physical education classes twice a week and may additionally participate on a team sport. Junior High sports are offered for middle school students. During the team season 7th and 8th grade students are not required to attend Physical Education classes with the exception of attending the Archery unit in October to fulfill Linden Hall's obligation to the National Archery in the Schools Program.  All 6th graders will be scheduled for a full year of physical education classes in addition to any sports that they play.


Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Linden Hall for further information.