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2020-21 Equestrian Team

Registration Deadline 10/25/2020
Payment Deadline 11/27/2020

What you must do before you can TRY OUT and/or PRACTICE:

- Submit registration on using the same login you've used for past registrations. The same login should be used because the information from past registrations will be saved in your account and you can see when your physical and impact test expires. 

- Provide current insurance information on your registration.

- Have a current physical on file.

- Have a current impact test (excluding cross country, bowling, chess, golf).  You need to attend the team impact test or make a testing appointment with trainer Jared Hutchins, 

- If you are new to South Lane School District, you must be enrolled as a student before you can participate. 

What you must do before you can participate in GAMES/CONTESTS:

- Pay all fees & fines.

- Meet OSAA grade requirements.


Physical Forms: EVERY INCOMING 9TH GRADER must have a NEW physical. Repeat physicals are required every two years. Physicals must be on the state mandated form and TURNED IN TO THE ATHLETIC OFFICE, signed by the student's physician BEFORE PARTICIPATION CLEARANCE WILL BE ISSUED. If you need to download the form, click here.

CG Clinic Options: 

Nova Urgent Care, 541-942-7000 (Walk-ins welcome)

Aspen Chiropractic, 541-767-3788 (By appointment only) 

Peacehealth Clinic, 541-767-5200, Bills Insurance (Walk-ins welcome)

Health Revolution Chiropractic, 541-849-2111 (By appointment only)


ALL ATHLETES MUST HAVE INSURANCE COVERAGE IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE - South Lane School District will be offering insurance through Health Special Risk, INC. They are now offering online sign-ups at You can also click on the link provided in the right hand column. This process is not immediate so do not delay applying. Parents are responsible to log back in to keep insurance information up-to-date if there are any changes to the athlete's insurance coverage.


There are OHSET fees that are due throughout the season. Athletes will be notified how much and when they are due by the advisor.

Additionally, each athlete is required to pay an ANNUAL Associated Student Body Fee (ASB) of $30.00 at the time of registration. CGHS will be charging a $25 late fee for anyone who has not signed up by Sunday, October 25. Late registrations are difficult to process and it is challenging to get all athletes approved before the first practice. We are hoping this will discourage people from waiting until the last minute.




Every incoming 9th grader or new student is required to test before they will be eligible to compete in any contests. In most cases, retesting is required every 2 years. If you wish to know more about IMPACT Testing, please click on the link to the right. Please allow 30 minutes to take the test. 


OSAA and CGHS require students to take at least five (5) credit classes per trimester and meet credit requirements. Athletes must have passed at least five (5) classes last trimester and be on track to graduate. Additionally, CGHS requires a GPA of 2.0 or higher for the last completed trimester.

Equestrian - August 17, 2020 to March 17, 2021
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