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2020-2021 OCHS Cheer and Dance Registration

Registration Deadline 09/01/2020
Payment Deadline 09/01/2020

Oregon City Pioneer and Dance Tryout Clinic will be announced.  Tryouts will be for all incoming Freshmen-Seniors.  A date as yet to be determined due to the Covid-19 quarantine.

All athletes MUST be cleared before attending their first practice/tryout. All school and athletic fees (past and present) must be paid (either online or in Accounting Office) and the online registration process completed in order to be approved.   If this is not completed the athlete is not eligible to practice or try-out until the process is complete. 

Each coach will be updated daily with a list of all athletes who have completed the registration process and have been approved to compete. 

For any questions regarding athletics, please call Andrew Jones, Athletic Director at 503-785-8739 or Joan Ferguson, Athletic Secretary at 503-785-8742.

To participate in OCHS sports, each athlete must go through a clearance process in every season, for every sport. No athlete will be allowed to participate until all the information is completed on-line.

Academic Eligibility-(This may change for the 2020-2021 school year due to Covid-19)
Students who plan to be in athletics must have passed four (4) classes in the prior trimester and met the OSAA "On Track to Graduate" policy outlined below.

OSAA (Oregon School Activities Association) eligibility policy requires that all athletes (excluding incoming freshmen) must pass at least four (4) credit classes the preceding trimester in order to be eligible to participate in sports. OSAA RULE: ALL STUDENTS MUST BE ON TRACK TO GRADUATE BY HAVING COMPLETED 4.5 CREDITS--PRIOR TO 10TH GRADE, 11 CREDITS PRIOR TO 11TH GRADE AND 18.5 CREDITS PRIOR TO 12TH GRADE. 26 CREDITS ARE REQUIRED FOR GRADUATION FROM OCHS.

Physicals, Emergencies, Insurance

All participants must have on file:
A physical, needed in 9th & 11th Grade or first time trying out or participating on a team.

This must be completed prior to any participation in athletics, including practices/tryouts. Participants must present evidence of either private or school medical insurance.
The physical can be downloaded from the following: 

OSAA Required Physical Form:  Required OSAA Physical Form

Participants must be in attendance all day (or have a pre-excused state absence) in order to practice or play in a contest. Exceptions must be cleared through the athletic director.

Dual Participation
If you are a Dual Participating athlete, you must complete a form. and have permission from both head coaches. The form may be obtained from the athletic office. A student may participate in more than one athletic team during one season. Students may change activities only with the approval of both coaches, and/or advisors, and athletic director.

Each participant is responsible for the equipment issued to him/her. At the completion of the season, the participant must return the equipment in good condition or pay the replacement cost of the item(s) lost or damaged.

 FEE for OSAA/NON FUNDED OCHS SPORTS PROGRAMS:  Oregon City Cheer and Dance.  Each non-funded sports program sets their own program fees in addition to the $30.00 Athletic Administrative Fee (if not already paid). This fee is reduced by 50% if the student is on free and reduced lunch.  Free and reduced district letter must be presented to be eligible for this discount.

Approval of conditional admission does not imply your child can participate in OSAA or Non OSAA athletics, due to additional state regulations. If your child intends to participate in athletics, a meeting with the attending school district athletic director is required prior to your child's participation at practice, games, or events. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THE OSAA TRANSFER RULES, SO THAT YOU DO NOT JEOPARDIZE YOUR CHILD'S ELIGIBILITY.  The OSAA rules and policies also apply to all OCHS NON-OSAA Athletic and Activity programs.  The forms for a transfer must be done prior to try-outs.  Please go by the Athletic Director's office to obtain the forms and meet with the Athletic Director.

OCHS Athletic Website
Please check out the OCHS Athletic Website: OCHS Athletics

Oregon City Cheer and Dance - May 27, 2020 to September 01, 2020
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