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2020 - 2021 LHS Parking Permits - NO STOPPED


SCHOOL YEAR 2020 - 2021

Driving to school is a privilege, not a right (buses are available for all students within the SMCPS attendance zone.) To be eligible to purchase a parking permit, students must settle outstanding fines and meet student parking guidelines. A valid driver’s license, vehicle registration card, vehicle insurance card, and a completed safe driving contract is required before your request for a school parking permit will be reviewed. Only current 12th and 11th grade LHS students will be considered for being issued a parking permit. 11th grade students will be issued passes after all 12th grade needs are met.  We do not have enough spaces to grant all requests. 12th grade students are given priority over 11th grade students. Parking permits will not be issued to 9th and 10th grade students regardless of their age and/or special circumstances. Student vehicles parked on school premises are subject to search and seizure. SMCPS is not responsible for the vehicle and/or its contents. All communications concerning your parking pass application will be communicated through the email registered to your FamilyID Account.  Payment will be accepted at the Safe Driving Meeting held before the start of school. DO NOT send payments to the school prior to being approved. Please DO NOT complete a Parking Pass Registration until you have your Provisional Drivers License. Please make sure that you have uploaded current Drivers License, Vehicle Registration and Insurance.  


· Students with a GPA below 2.0 will not be issued a parking permit

· Students with records of multiple unlawful absences and/or discipline referrals              will not be issued a parking permit.

·      Parking on school grounds during school hours is BY PERMIT ONLY. Anyone who             does not have a parking permit will receive a parking ticket.  After multiple                   tickets have been issued County Citations may be issued as well.  Students                     applying for a permit must meet all other parking requirements.

·      12th graders who are issued a parking permit will be assigned to either A or B lot            using the following criteria until A lot is full. Once A lot is full, seniors will be                assigned only to B lot.

       11th graders will not be approved until all senior needs are met, they will be put            on a wait list as completed applications are received.  Any 11th Grader who is                issued a parking permit will be assigned to B lot only.

·  The criteria for being assigned to A or B lot is:

                ‘A’ Lot

                      Sports/Organizations with Full Class Schedule (12th Grade Students Only)

                      CSM Students with Early Release or Late Entry (12th Grade Students                              Only)

                      Zero Period (Mr. Oplinger’s Zero Period 11th and 12th Grade students)

               ‘B’ Lot

                       Early Release/Late Entry (Athletics, Jobs, etc.)


                      11th Grade Students

· The parking permit must be hung from the rear view mirror of the vehicle. If the assigned lot is already full upon your arrival at school, please report it to the school administration or a safety and security assistant for investigation.

· Student parking is RESTRICTED solely to Lot A and Lot B. These areas are the only designated areas for student parking. Students are not permitted to park in any areas designated for staff or visitor parking.

· Once a vehicle is parked; it is to be locked until after the driver’s last class. Any student entering or driving a vehicle without permission during the school day (including lunch time) may be subject to a discipline referral and may lose the parking permit. Students who are unlawfully absent from 3 classes (cutting/skipping) or who transports other students who are unlawfully absent from school/class will lose their parking privileges for the school year.

·      Reasonable care and observance of safe driving practices will be expected on campus grounds and at other St. Mary’s County Public Schools. Reckless driving, squealing tires, and any other unsafe driving behavior will not be permitted. Violation may result in loss of parking privileges.

·         PARKING SIGNS AND REGULATIONS MUST BE OBSERVED. At a minimum, initial violations will result in a warning. Any further violations may result in ticketing/fines and/or loss of parking privileges.

·         Accidents, thefts and/or vandalism involving parked vehicles on campus must be reported immediately.

·         Leonardtown High School will charge a $60.00 fee to each student who qualifies for a parking permit. If a parking permit is suspended or revoked, the fee is not refundable.

·         The parking permit is non-transferable to other students. DO NOT sell your parking pass to someone else.  This will result in your driving privileges being suspended or revoked.

·         Loss of a permit for ANY REASON will result in a replacement charge of $30.00, payable when the replacement permit is issued.

·         Failure to obey the direction of school staff while in or operating a vehicle will result in the loss of driving privileges and the parking permit.




Committing any one of the following infractions will cause you to lose your parking permit:

- Receiving a failing grade in more than one course in a marking period and/or falling below a 2.0 GPA

- Being absent (unlawful absence) more than four days per marking period (total 15 for school year)

- Arriving late (tardiness) to school more than three times per marking period - for any reason, excused or unexcused

- Cutting three classes and/or being late to class more than three times in a marking period.

- Receiving more than two discipline referrals in the school year

- Transferring your parking permit to a different car or person - or making any other attempt to deceive in a parking matter

- Allowing another student to drive your car on campus

- Going to the parking lot during school hours without a pass from the grade level administrator; (Athletes may not move their cars from one lot to another until after 2:45 p.m. and may not move to any lot where staff is assigned.)

- Exceeding the 15 mph campus speed limit or violating other campus driving/parking regulations

- Leaving campus without permission before your dismissal time (this includes during One Hour Lunch aide periods)

- Transporting another student off campus before his/her dismissal time

- Causing an accident and/or committing theft or vandalism on campus

- Being involved - or allowing your passenger to be involved - in "horseplay" in the parking lot including, but not limited to, unnecessary noise-making (horn blowing, yelling), hanging out of car, passengers on outside of car, driving on surfaces other than driveways. You are responsible for your passengers’ actions/behaviors.

*****Leonardtown High School administration reserves the right to revoke your parking permit for infractions other than those specifically stated. *****

LHS Student Parking Pass - July 01, 2020 to June 30, 2021
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