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2020/2021 Fall Athletic Registration

Registration Deadline 09/24/2020
Payment Deadline 09/24/2020

  • Beginning in August 2013, students who have not paid all appropriately assessed fees will not be allowed to participate in athletics or extra-curricular activities until ALL outstanding fees/fines are paid.


  • No student shall represent their school in interscholastic athletics until 

    • This registration form is completed and submitted
    • A current, signed physical form is uploaded with the Family ID registration, certifying that he/she has passed an adequate physical examination within the past year, noting that in the opinion of the examining physician, physician's assistant, nurse practitioner or a certified/registered chiropractor, is physically fit to participate in high school athletics
    • The student has the consent of his/her parents or legal guardian to participate
    • The parent and participant have read, understand and agree to the CHSAA guidelines for eligibility.
    • All student fees are paid including any past due fees from previous school years

     ****An athletic fee of $135 will be assessed on the next 27J Schools work day (Tuesday-Friday) after registration is completed and submitted ($195.00 for non SD27J students). It is required to be paid in full before any athlete can participate in practice/tryouts, as well as all student fees paid in full per 27J  Schools Policy.  Parents and athletic participants are strongly encouraged to check for any outstanding fees in Infinite Campus before registering for sports. All fees can be paid online on the district website or RRHS website. To expedite participation clearance, online payment is recommended.


    Applications are available through the Nutrition Service Department  by clicking on the following link
    Please be sure to check all boxes in Step 5 to insure your fees are waived. Any questions, please call Nutrition Services deprtment - 303.655.2986.  

      No athletic fees for the 2020/2021 school year can be waived until after Free or Reduced Lunch application has been approved by Nutrition Services department with all appropriate boxes checked.   


      If you are a transfer student from another high school, played sports for another high school, or are an exchange student you will be required to complete a transfer waiver request to be reviewed for approval by CHSAA. Please contact RRHS Athletic office for assistance.


      Home based and other students which meet statutory requirements shall be eligible. Statutory requirements state that a student in a home based education program must be registered with the school district of participation a minimum of 14 days prior to being considered a home schooled student. Students who do not meet statutory requirements shall be considered ineligible for interscholastic competition, but may practice (provided he/she is registered with the school district).
      A student who registers at the beginning of the school year in a non-public home-based educational program may participate in the activities program at a public or private school. In the case of a private school, the student must be accepted for inclusion in the school program by the school and meet any criteria set by that private school.
      When selecting a school, one must select the school that offers the greatest number of sports and/or activities in which the individual wishes to participate for their entire high school experience.
      Otherwise the transfer rule will be in effect.
      The statute requires that the home based educational program student “comply with all eligibility requirements imposed by the school of participation”.

      Please contact RRHS Athletic office for assistance.


      RRHS follows CHSAA Eligibility Plan A Requirements:

      PLAN A -- During the period of participation, the student must be enrolled in courses
      which offer, in aggregate, a minimum of 2.5 Academic units of credit (5 classes) as defined by the school’s accrediting agency (or school district) per semester and must not be failing more than the equivalent of one-half Academic unit of credit (one class).

      Per 27J Schools policy, two Ds is equal to one F. 

      Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Riverdale Ridge High School Athletics for further information.