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2020-2021 Application For Open Enrollment-Choice of Schools

Please carefully review the Open Enrollment-Choice of Schools FAQs to see whether or not you will need to submit an Application for Open Enrollment-Choice of Schools.

If you wish to enroll your student in his/her boundary area school (by primary address), or if your student is currently enrolled at his/her school of choice, there is no need to complete the Application for Open Enrollment-Choice of Schools.

You may click on the Find Your Child's School (20-21) or School Boundary Area Maps links to find your boundary area schools.

Applications submitted through February 7th will receive priority consideration, and parents will be notified of the status of their applications by March 7th. Applications received after February 7th will receive secondary consideration depending on space/program availability following placement of students with priority applications.

All applications will be addressed on a space available, first come, first served basis and in accordance with 27J Schools policy and the conditions specified above.

The District does not provide transportation for students attending schools outside their boundary area.

If your child will be going to Preschool, you will not submit an Open Enrollment-Choice of Schools application.  For more information, please see the Preschool webpage.

For additional information, please visit our Student Enrollment webpage.


Open Enrollment - Elementary School/Inscripción Abierta - Escuela Primaria - August 11, 2020 to May 26, 2021
Open Enrollment - Middle School/Inscripción Abierta - Escuela Secundaria - August 11, 2020 to May 26, 2021
Open Enrollment - High School/Inscripción Abierta - High School - August 11, 2020 to May 26, 2021
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