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2019 Fall Season: GLTS- Athletics and Summer Conditioning Registration

Registration Deadline 08/16/2019

*Please note that FAMILYID registration must be completed by a parent/guardian, along with the student-athlete, to ensure all information is accurate and that policies/procedures are adhered to. 


The Greater Lawrence Technical School Athletic Department views itself as a major component of the overall educational process. Our student-athletes are expected to show respect for the sport they play and the people associated with each sport: teammates, coaches, opponents and officials. Sportsmanship and integrity are the cornerstones of success in GLTS Athletics. The philosophy at GLTS is “Expect More, Demand More, Achieve More" and we believe this holds especially true within our Athletic Department.

Participation on an athletic team can be a rewarding experience. It is important that students realize the time demands, commitment, dedication and sacrifices required for participation on an athletic team. 

Through athletics students will learn valuable lessons within the GLTS Core Values: Growth Mindset, High Expectations, Supportive Environment, & Lifelong Leaning

In order to participate candidates must:

  1. The student-athlete and their parent/guardian must register online through FamilyID.
  2. A valid physical must be submitted within 13 months. No current physical, no participation, no exceptions.
  3. Student must be academically eligible: A student must secure, during the last marking period preceding the performance/contest and athletics (e.g. second quarter marks and not semester grades determine third quarter eligibility), a passing grade and full credit in CTE, and may not fail more than one additional class; this includes all core academic classes, Wellness (physical and health education), and related. If the student fails more than one subject, or fails CTE they will be ineligible until the next marking period. Eligibility is in effect the day report cards are handed out. To be eligible for the fall marking period, students are required to have passed and received full credits for the previous academic year. If a student is found to be academically ineligible and continues to play, each game that student participated in will be counted as a forfeit. 
  4. During the registration process, a parents/guardian, along with the athlete, must watch a video on concussion/head injuries. This is an annual requirement that is mandated by the State to play a sport. Course video can be found at
  5. Students must be in good social standing, both in school and in the community, as determined by the Principal, Dean and/or Athletic Director

If you have any questions/concerns regarding GLTS Athletics please visit the GLTS website at: or email the Athletic Director, Mr. Nelson, at


El departamento atlético  de la Escuela Greater Lawrence Technical  School se considera un componente importante en el  proceso educativo. Es nuestra expectativa que nuestros estudiantes/atletas muestren respeto por el deporte y las personas asociadas con cada deporte: compañero de deporte, entrenador/a, el equipo adversario e oficiales. Deportividad e integridad son los pilares de éxito en el atletismo en GLTS. La filosofía de la escuela GLTS es  “Esperar Más, Exigir Más, Lograr Más”  es muy importante en el departamento atlético en GLTS.

 La participación en un equipo puede ser una experiencia gratificante. Es importante que los estudiantes

se den cuenta de las demandas de tiempo, compromiso, dedicación y sacrificios requeridos para participar en un equipo.

 Para participar los candidatos deben:

1. El estudiante/atleta y sus padres/encargados deben de registrarse en FamilyID.

2. Un físico debe de ser presentado dentro de 13 meses.

3. El estudiante debe ser académicamente elegible: el estudiante debe asegurarse durante el último período antes del comienzo del deporte  (por ejemplo, calificaciones del segundo trimestre y no del semestre determinan la elegibilidad del tercer trimestre) una calificación aprobada y crédito completo en el área vocacional solo puede fracasar una clase. Si el estudiante no supera una clase académica o fracasa en el área vocacional, no será elegible hasta el próximo período de calificaciones.

4. Durante el proceso de registración, el padre / encargado junto con el atleta, debe mirar un video sobre conmoción cerebral / lesiones en la cabeza. Este es un requisito anual  para practicar en un deporte. El video lo puede encontrar en

5. El estudiante debe estar en buena posición, tanto en la escuela como en la comunidad, según lo determinen el Director Escolar y el Director de Deportes.

 Si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud con respecto a los deportes de la escuela GLTS  visite el sitio web o puede enviar un correo electrónico al Sr. Nelson Director de Deportes:

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Greater Lawrence Technical School for further information.