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2019 -2020 Winter Erg Season Junior Racing Team

Registration Deadline 12/22/2019
Payment Deadline 03/01/2020

Welcome to online registration for Detroit Boat Club Crew Junior Rowing.   The information requested in this site is mandatory for all youth rowers who plan to participate with the DBCC.   The personal information you enter into this secure site will remain static and not need to be re-entered on multiple forms each season/year as was necessary in the past with the paper process.  If any of your information changes or is in need of modification or updating, simply access your private Family ID account, make and save those necessary changes.  Please remember to keep your information up to date whenever insurance or other important information changes.  Also, if you receive an e-mail indicating that there is a defect with one or more of your entries, please remedy the issue in a timely manner.

All active youth rowers must pay an ANNUAL membership Fee to Friends of Detroit Rowing to participate in the youth rowing program during that year.  The FODR fee should be renewed after the first of the year or when joining the program at a later date during the year.  This fee is assessed annually for all active rowers.  The web address is:

The DBCC youth rowing program is a year round rowing program with distinct seasons or phases.  Not all novice and varsity team rowers are mandated to participate year round, however, it is recommended that rowers participate as much as possible to continually improve in terms of technique and strength.  Like the FODR Access Fee, all payments for participation and travel fees are posted on  Once at Regatta Central's site, under the "Clubs"  tab,  scroll down and locate "Detroit Boat Club" tab.  All rowers must pay any applicable program fee for the pending season the rower will be participating in and, if applicable, travel fees for that season.   The hyperlink from the previous paragraph will take you to the site.

Additionally, all DBCC youth rowers must be members of US Rowing and complete the online US Rowing Liability and Photo Waiver found at:  There are two levels of membership, Basic and Champion.  Basic memberships expire on December 31st of each year and need to be renewed after the 1st of January for the following year.  Champion memberships expire 364 days after the subscription date by the rower.   Certain US Rowing regattas (i.e. Midwest Jr. Nats  and Youth Nats) mandate Champion membership by all participants.  If unsure which level, go with the Basic and you can always upgrade, if the need arises. 

Lastly, the DBCC youth rowing program thrives on the efforts of parent volunteers.  If you plan to volunteer, as a driver or chaperon or site volunteer, you must complete the Parent Volunteer Sign-up section after you complete the rower section.

For those rowers that join after the Registration deadline (commencement date for season), they shall use their start date as their payment deadline.  

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Detroit Boat Club Crew for further information.