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2019-2020 Student Parking Permit Application (Lyme-Old Lyme High School)

Regulations to be reviewed by students and their families:

1. All cars are to drive into (not back into) parking spaces. Parking permits must hang from the vehicles rear view mirror, with lettering to the outside. No student cars may be parked on campus without a registered permit. Only this vehicle may be parked on school grounds. Any substitution must be registered with Administration.

2. Posted speed limits must be obeyed. Speeding and reckless conduct with a motor vehicle will result in the loss of car privileges. Teen driver/passenger restrictions will be enforced on school grounds.

3. Bus drivers and school officials are obligated by law to report anyone passing a school bus with flashing stop signals. 

4. Students must park only in the student parking designated areas which are indicated by blue lines.

5. Students may not drive or park on the grass, in pedestrian areas, in the school courtyard, or in any other locations other than designated student parking areas. The parking area across from the main entrance is reserved for adult visitors, traveling teachers, school volunteers volunteer & handicapped vans.

6. All motor vehicles, including mopeds and motorbikes, are subject to the driving and parking regulations.

7. A permit will not be issued without proof of valid driver’s license.

8. High school students are not permitted to park in the Middle School, Center School or Lyme Art Academy parking areas.

9. Students may not go to their vehicles during the school day without direct permission of Administration. 

10. Permission to park on school grounds may be denied or revoked for disciplinary reasons or unavailability of parking spaces.

11. All outstanding obligations must be rectified, and Family ID registration completed,  before a student can apply for a parking permit.                         

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Lyme-Old Lyme Public Schools for further information.