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2019-2020 Sports

Welcome to Family ID for John Muir Middle School.

More information about John Muir Athletics can be found here.

All students are encouraged to participate in after-school athletics.If your child is interested in playing a sport at John Muir Middle School, you will have to complete the form below.

Requirements for participating in a sport.

  • Family ID registered
  • Sports Physical Clearance by your physician dated after May 1, 2019
  • Must have Doctor Physical Clearance Form uploaded to Family ID.
  • maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA 
  • Maintain exemplary behavior as a student scholar athlete.

Season 2 Sports

Registration Closes on 9/23

Tryout/Practice start date

Monday, 9/30

GIRLS SOCCER--------> all grades--------> has cuts

BOYS VOLLEYBALL------> all grades-------> has cuts


Season 3 Sports

Registration Closes 11/23

Tryout/Practice start date

Monday, 12/2

Game 1 Date

3:45pm start time for games

Wednesday, 1/22

Championship Date

Thursday, 3/12

GIRLS BASKETBALL--------> 8th and 6/7th grades (2 teams)--------> has cuts

BOYS SOCCER------> all grades -------> has cuts

Wrestling ----------> all grades/boys and girls------> no cuts

Season 4 Sports

Registration Closes on 2/17

Tryout/Practice start date

Monday, 2/24

Game 1 Date

3:45pm start time for games

Thursday, 4/2

Championship Date

Thursday, 5/14

GIRLS VOLLEYBALL--------> 8th and 6/7th grades (2 teams)--------> has cuts

FLAG FOOTBALL----------> all grades/boys and girls-------> has cuts

CROSS COUNTRY----------> all grades/boys and girls------> no cuts

GOLF--------------------> all grades/boys and girls-------> no cuts

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact John Muir Middle School for further information.