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2019-2020 Off Season Athletic Training (MGOAT)

Registration Deadline 11/21/2019
Payment Deadline 12/13/2019

Join this Mount Greylock Organization to meet the following goals:
    -Reduce the likelihood and severity of injuries
    -Increase agility, power, speed, and strength
    -Improve mental toughness and work ethic
    -Critique and coach proper form and technique

     -Each day will consist of a warm up (as a group)
     -Partner lift to ensure spotting and proper form
     -Conditioning to help students get faster with a greater capacity for work

Expectation of athletes:
    -Students show up on time, with proper equipment
    -Students show up with water
    -Students show up ready to give a full effort
    -Students are respectful to coaches and peers
    -Students build a positive environment

Mount Greyock Off Season Athletic Training - November 21, 2019 to March 13, 2020
School Year Hours 2:30 - 4pm.
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