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2019 - 2020 Grade School Athletics Registration

Registration Deadline 08/23/2019
Payment Deadline 09/03/2019

If you need assistance completing this form, contact FamilyID Customer Support at 1-781-205-2800 , ext. 1

: Unless a student has applied for and been granted a waiver by the Principal, students who plan to be in athletics and/or activities must have passed all classes with a GPA above 2.00 in the previous term and must also be passing all classes in the current term.

Physicals, Emergencies, Insurance: All participants must have on file a current physical and a completed FamilyID registration. These must be completed prior to any participation in athletics and/or activities, including practices. Participants must complete the required insurance section of this form with either private or school medical insurance.

Attendance: Participants must be in attendance for the entire school day in order to practice or play in a contest. Absences for part of the day due to doctor's appointments or school activities are permitted. Other exceptions must be cleared through the principal or designee.

Participation Fees: Participants must pay an athletic participation fee for all sports of $300. Students who apply for the free or reduced price school lunch program and qualify will be exempt from paying the user fee. Some financial aid is available. This fee is NON REFUNDABLE and NON TRANFSERABLE after the first day of practice. Contact school offices for more information.

Equipment: Each participant is responsible for the equipment issued to him/her. At the completion of the season, the participant must return the equipment in good condition or pay replacement cost of item(s) lost or damaged. Students may not become members of any athletic team and/or activity until they have returned all equipment from any previous sports or activity season.

Grade School Boys Soccer - September 03, 2019 to November 08, 2019
Grade School Girls Soccer - September 03, 2019 to November 08, 2019
Grade School Girls Volleyball - September 03, 2019 to November 08, 2019
Grade School Cross Country - September 03, 2019 to November 08, 2019
7th & 8th Grade Boys Basketball - December 02, 2019 to March 06, 2020
7th & 8th Grade Girls Basketball - December 02, 2019 to March 06, 2020
Grade School Track & Field - March 30, 2020 to May 15, 2020
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