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2019-2020 ASB Executive Council Leadership

This semester course is designed to instruct students in the various methods and techniques involved in planning, implementing, and evaluating projects related to self, school, and community. The course is designed to give students the opportunity to learn a methodology in which they can become successful leaders as well as achieve personal improvement.  The course is open to students who applied and were selected by the ASB officers.  The class emphasis will be on the servant leadership model as they gain experience in communication, group dynamics, decision-making skills, self-esteem, leadership styles, evaluation, public speaking, parliamentary procedure, and problem-solving skills. In all, the student will learn the dynamics of leadership as a social study in our society.

Permission to Drive Personal Vehicle or Ride with Other Students:

There may be times that your child may volunteer to drive their own vehicle to an activity off school grounds during class time. These activities may include traveling to: elementary schools, life care center, food bank, recycle center or an errand for the ASB. These activities will not leave the City of Richland. During this registration process, you will have an opportunity to designate if your student is able to participate in these activities; a "yes" response will give your child permission to use their vehicle during class time or ride with another student and a "No" response will keep them on campus.

Fees: ASB ($30) Required

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jim Qualheim, Activities Director at 509-967-6548. ****Please note**** This form contains a WARRANTY OF PARENT/GUARDIAN that requires signature. The agreement states the following. "Under the pains and penalties of perjury, by submitting this registration form, I represent and warrant that I am (i) the parent or guardian listed above; (ii) at least 18 years old, and (iii) fully able and competent to enter into this agreement."

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Richland High School Clubs & Activities for further information.