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2019-20 Winter Athletics Registration - Wrestling (Boys and Girls) First Practice January 13th

Registration Deadline 01/09/2020

These requirements are for the season (quarter) in which the student participates in the sport.

1. Complete this online registration.

2. Turn in a completed RSD Pre-participation History / Physical Examination form to your school ASB/Athletics Office. (Recommended for middle school, but not required.)

3. ASB Card: Students must have purchased a current McKnight ASB Card in order to try-out and participate on an athletic team. If a student does not have an ASB card due to financial hardship, please contact Student Services at (425) 204-3615 to discuss options.

4. FINES: All fines must be cleared in order to try-out and participate on an athletic team.

5. All athletes who wish to participate in after school athletics must be covered by either a Student Accident Insurance Program or a separate insurance program. More details are included in the insurance area of this form.


a. Students must receive a grade higher of two (2) or higher on Standard Based Grading Reporting (SBGR) in a minimum of four (4) our of six (6) classes.

b. The student must accumulate a minimum of 15 effort skills points and 15 community skills points (2.5).

IF grades fall below these standards, the student must attend an after-school academic support opportunity during at least ONE PRACTICE a week and may not compete until he/she becomes academically eligible.


a. Detentions: Loss of practice time, team level consequence decided by the coach. Multiple detentions will lead to more significant team-related consequences.

b. Referral/Long Form: Consequence will be based upon the nature/severity of the offense, the school-level consequence assigned by the administrator, and the student's progressive discipline status. Multiple discipline offenses will lead to more significant athletic related consequences. Consequence examples (not a comprehensive list):

Suspension (out of school): Can be a team level consequence (decided by the coach and athletic director) such as a suspension for next game of the season, up to removal from the team for the remainder of the season.

One or more days in ISIP, Extended Day Detention, any other consequence assigned by an AP. Can be a team level consequence decided by the coach such as a suspension for next game of the season, up to removal from the team for the remainder of the season.

8. TRAVEL: Students are expected to ride the team bus TO all team events. Students may also return to the school on the bus OR MAY CHECK-OUT WITH THEIR COACH AND LEAVE THE GAME/MATCH WITH THEIR OWN PARENT/GUARDIAN. Students may not leave the event with any adult other than their own parent/guardian and may never leave a game/match without properly checking-out through the coach. PARENTS/GUARDIANS MUST SHOW A VALID ID WHEN CHECKING OUT THEIR STUDENT AT THE EVENT.

Parents/guardians are responsible for filling out this form completely and ensuring that any and all medical information concerning your child's health, medical concerns, injuries, medications and allergies are reported to the ASB/Athletic Office and coaches.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact McKnight Middle School for further information.