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2019-20 School Year - Student Alliance/Freshman Studies Program (

Registration Deadline 05/03/2018

Student Alliance/Freshman Studies Program

Mrs. K. Fox, Mrs. E. O’Keefe, Mrs. S. Bunnell-Jackson

Please review the following requirements in order to be a Student Alliance member for the 2018-19 school year.

                                                                         Application 2018-19

The ultimate goal of the Eastern Regional High School Student Alliance is to encourage the growth of all freshmen through the efforts of upperclassmen as role models and faculty advisors.  This commitment will provide a supportive environment and enable students to make smooth academic and social adjustments from middle school to high school.

Student Alliance is comprised of students in grades 10-12 who attend a three-day training session in the summer.  Activities teach them what it means to be a peer leader, expectations, HIB, lesson planning and public speaking.

Students participate in a variety of activities during the year such as: freshman orientation, back to school night, and respect week.  Meetings will be held twice a month during Lunch and Lab , freshman classroom visitations will occur twice a month during the freshman studies class. 

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Eastern Regional High School Student Activities for further information.