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2019-20 S.K.O.R.E. (Sherman Kids on the Road to Excellence)

Registration Deadline 10/16/2019

S.K.O.R.E. will begin after school activities on October 22, 2019

S.K.O.R.E. will operate three (3) days per week, Tuesday-Thursday from 3:15-5:00. Buses will load and depart from Sherman County School at 5:00. Please note the bus stop schedule, as it is recommended that young students be picked up from bus stops due to weather and time. Kindergarten students will not be released from the bus without an older sibling or parent/guardian present at the stop.

Schedules often change and students may be required to sign up for activities and make commitments to those activities. This helps with planning activities, scheduling events and purchasing supplies and snacks. As with prior years we may have some activities and/or programs that fill up quickly and may have a limited number of participants. In the event that this occurs I will make every effort to rotate schedules to allow equal participation. I may contact parents/guardians to discuss options. 

S.K.O.R.E. participation can make for a long day, be sure to consider your student(s) needs and schedule when making decisions about after school activities. It is recommended that KINDERS attend no more than one (1) afternoon per week. Behavior may also become a concern. Children often get tired and overwhelmed. Staff may contact you regarding behavior so that any concerns or needs can be addressed. The goal is for students to be enjoying this time. 

Fees are assessed for S.K.O.R.E. participation. Please see the fee schedule information in this packet. Fees are used to support the program directly. S.K.O.R.E. is an academic enrichment program, NOT CHILDCARE. We are providing enrichment activities and opportunities, and are not equipped to  meet childcare supervision needs. Students will participate in enrichment activities, gain homework support, be given opportunities for social, academic and physical activities. 

If you are interested in your student(s) attending please complete this online registrations. Registration is due October 16.

See you at S.K.O.R.E.!

What is SKORE?

S.K.O.R.E. is an after school academic enrichment learning program that offers after school activities that range from arts/crafts, tutoring, science, physical fitness, and 4-H programs. S.K.O.R.E is not a childcare setting. 

What is an Academic Enrichment Program?

Academic Enrichment provides activities that expand on students' learning in ways that may differ from the methods used during the school day. They are interactive and project driven. They enhance a student's education, and allow the participants to apply knowledge and skills stressed in a school setting to a new environment. Enrichment Programs also offer other activities that heighten the learning environment and offer a range of activities that students may otherwise not be able to access. 

What activities does S.K.O.R.E offer?

S.K.O.R.E. offers daily homework support, along with opportunities for students to work with staff or in a small peer group for added support. We also offer physical activity groups, art, science, and themed activities. Activities may change every quarter to offer every student something to meet their academic needs and interest levels. Teachers, Highly Qualified Staff, and amazing community members contribute to the success of this program.

If you have questions regarding S.K.O.R.E please contact Deanna Christiansen at Sherman County School.  

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Sherman County School District for further information.