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2019/20 Pleasantville High School Winter Sports Registration

Registration Deadline 12/07/2019

Welcome to Pleasantville Online registration

Complete this registration form two weeks prior to the first practice. This form includes:

  1. Permission Form/ Health History
  2. Blue cards
  3. Concussion Baseline Test for 7th, 9th, and 11th grade (if first time participating in a sport) and each of the grades mentioned
  4. A yearly physical is required and should be on file in the nurses office.

Tryout Period
Selecting or not selecting athletes is the single most stressful and difficult aspect for a coach/ coaches to do. Tryouts will last 3-5 days; all students will have the right to "try out" for the various teams that are available in the fall (August-November), winter (November-February), and spring (March-June). As the number of children interested in participating on a team increases, it becomes impossible to keep everyone and still ensure safety, quality instruction, and provide adequate playing time in contests. Therefore, when the numbers reach that threshold, student participation numbers are capped. Coaches will inform any player who is not selected for the team in a caring and positive manner. With input and guidance from the coaches students should conduct a personal assessment of their skills comparing their ability and skills to other players trying out to determine if they have the ability to make the specific team. This self-evaluation process along with the coach's evaluation could prevent some of the disappointment of not making the team. Athletes are encouraged to ask for feedback from the coach regarding their progress and skill level during off season workouts and tryouts.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Pleasantville School District for further information.