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2019/20 Middle School Winter Athletic Registration

Registration Deadline 11/08/2019
Payment Deadline 11/08/2019

Welcome to the Tolland Middle School Winter athletics program. The sports offered during this season are:

•Boys and Girls Basketball


To complete eligibility, parents must complete this form and Students must:

•HAVE A PHYSICAL EXAMINATION dated within 13 MONTHS of the sport for which they are trying out.  Up to date medical forms must be submitted prior to the start of tryouts in order for the student to participate in the season.

•Be in good academic standing

Parents must have athletes' private physicians perform the exam and must forward the completed paperwork to the school nurse by the established due date. It must be completed on the Ct Pre-Participation Sports Evaluation Form or the 3 Page CT Health Assessment record "blue form" with box checked by MD "cleared for sports". If you are unsure of the date of your physical check with the Nurse's office.

A link to the CT physical form is available on the right side of this form. Any questions regarding health assessments should be directed to the school nurse or the Interim Director of Athletics, Bob Paskiewicz

Students must be in good academic standing and have received less than five (5) detentions and/or two (2) suspensions during the current quarter to participate. Academic standing will be re-evaluated for team members each quarter. A student may reestablish good academic standing at mid-term.

Students who meet any of the following criteria will have their “good" academic status revoked:

•Average of 69 or below in two or more subjects

Girls Basketball - December 03, 2018 to March 01, 2019
Boys Basketball - December 03, 2018 to March 01, 2019
Cheerleading - December 03, 2018 to March 01, 2019
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