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2019-20 EHS Spring Registration

Registration Deadline 03/02/2020

In order to participate in the athletic program at Ellensburg High School, a student must:

a. Be under 20 years of age on September 1 for fall sports, on December 1 for winter sports and on March 1 for spring sports (WIAA 18.4.0)

b. Be enrolled as a “regular member" of the school and meet the minimum credit requirements (i.e., half time or more)
(WIAA 18.5.0 & WIAA 18.7.0).

c. Have passed at least five full-time subjects in the immediately preceding semester/trimester. (WIAA 18.6)

d. Be enrolled and in regular attendance with in the first 15 school days of the current semester. (WIAA 18.8.0)

e. Have appropriate medical clearance from a medical authority. (WIAA 17.11.0)

f. If a transfer or foreign exchange student, meet appropriate eligibility requirements. (WIAA 18.11.0)

g. Be making reasonable annual progress toward graduation (ESD Policy #2152).

h. Maintain good citizenship records, both in and out of school (ESD Policy #2152).

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Ellensburg Athletics for further information.